Battery Force Competition Complaint Leaves Them Drained

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Battery Force Competition Complaint Leaves Them Drained

Over the last five years Battery Force have been running a daily free battery giveaway. However, as of the 18th February 2010 the company have pulled the promotion due to a complaint made about them on a public forum. The company explain their decision on their site as follows: Unfortunately, a complaint from one winning participant in February 2010 has forced us to end the promotion. We would have loved to continue the promotion indefinitely, but we simply don’t have the capacity to deal with completely unjustified complaints, especially when they are made in such a way as to question our high operating standards in a public forum: We’re giving away batteries for free, and in turn a winner tries to damage our outstanding reputation – a sad state of affairs.

Why Not Resend The Prize?

Having read the forum in question the complaint arises due to an issue over delivery. The prize failed to turn up due to a delivery error and it seems after an email exchange that Battery Force wouldn’t resend the prize. Why they couldn’t resend the prize is a bit of a mystery? Looking in from the outside it probably would have been the right thing to do. Still, it’s their decision, but it does seem odd for Battery Force to pull the competition that’s been successful for so long due to just one complaint. They’ve had over 1500 happy winners and perhaps after a bit of reflection they may reconsider their decision when they look at the positives.

“Only A Packet Of Batteries”

Running competitions can sometimes result in problems – we ourselves know that all too well (as do McVities, Magnum, Orange etc) – and the key to overcoming them is being responsive, even if you disagree with the winner’s or comper’s point of view. In this case it might “only be a packet of batteries”, but if a company awards you a prize then you should expect to get it (provided you reply in a reasonable time frame) and regardless of any delivery problems. Anyway if it is the end of the Battery Force prize draw then so be it. It’s been good fun for five years and they’ve made a lot of people happy with their service and prize draw. Although it was only some free batteries many compers actually saw it as a personal challenge to win the daily competition. It’s sad to see it go, but the disappointing ending could really have been avoided.


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