Be On A TV Quiz Or Game Show

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Be On A TV Quiz Or Game Show

Have you ever sat watching TV and thought “I’d love to give that ago”. To be honest I haven’t as the very thought of being on screen doesn’t appeal. Not that the chance hasn’t arisen. Loquax once got invited to appear on morning TV to talk about competitions but they wanted to do it at something like 6.30am. That’s far too early to be chirpy so the offer was politely declined. Anyway getting yourself on the telly can actually have benefits because there are prizes to be won. You just need to know which shows are looking for contestants and where to apply.

Sign Up For A New Travel Show

The good news is that it’s relatively easy to locate TV shows that are looking for participants. The BBC, ITV, Channel 4 and Channel 5 all have sections that are dedicated to their respective shows. For example The BBC are currently seeking contestants for a brand new Travel Show. It’s described as the world’s biggest guessing game. Contestants “will be embarking on an epic journey, with the chance of winning a life changing cash prize at the end”. To apply you need to complete an application form before the end of August. Filming will take place in October and November. As well as this new programme, The BBC are also inviting applications for future series of popular shows like Masterchef and Gladiators. Sadly applications for the likes of Race Around The World, The Wheel and The Traitors Season 3 are now closed.

Apply To Be On The 1% Club

The 1% Club is the popular Saturday night quiz show that features Lee Mack and 100 contestants. You don’t need general knowledge to take part but you do need to be able to solve puzzles and problems. If you can get all the way down to the 1% Question then you could win up to £100,000. If you’re a fan of the show and think you have what it takes to take on the questions then the good news is that Season 4 is now accepting applications. Head over to ITV and fill in the application form before the 4th October 2024. Note that you must be free to film at the 1% Club Studio in Manchester for one day between the 14th October and 6th November 2024. You must also be able to make suitable travel arrangements to and from the studio as they do not cover any travel or hotel costs.

Be On Screen

All the above seem to focus on established shows but what about pilots and new game shows? Our advice for them is to keep an eye out on the likes of Be On Screen. Way back in the day this used to be an actual website but seems to now only be a Facebook group. Never the less there are regular posts about shows who are seeking contestants. The group only allows “TV show researchers with requirements for TV shows (participation and audience)” to post in the group. It might also be worth following Film & TV Casting Calls. The latter is actually a lot busier in terms of posts and has over 90,000 followers such is the interest. Another site well worth bookmarking is Starnow and we’ve been told that the Facebook Group, The Contestant Hub, is also worth looking into if you’re serious about quizzes and game shows.

How To Apply

We’d love to offer our experiences about applying for game shows and quizzes but as we’ve never done it we’re not going to pretend we know otherwise. However the various applications we’ve looked at all seem to want fun and out-going contestants. They also have eligibility terms so make sure you check those out before spending time making an application. Remember if your application is successful you’re going to be filmed and possibly be on the telly. They want people who are confident, seem interesting and possibly have some fun stories to share. If you’re not what type of character a particular show is after just watch a few episodes. We guess that making your application stand out from the crowd will help too. If you do have some tips to share then feel free to leave them in the comments.

Apply To Be On These TV Shows

Below are some of the popular TV shows that are currently looking for contestants and any known closing dates for applications that we’ve been able to locate. We’ll try and update the list regularly but if you know of any important changes or additions do let us know.

  1. New Travel Show – 31st August 2024 (BBC)
  2. The 1% Club – 4th October 2024 (ITV)
  3. Who Wants To Be A Millionaire – ASAP (ITV)
  4. Countdown – Ongoing (C4)
  5. Come Dine With Me – Ongoing (C4)
  6. Tempting Fortune – ASAP (C4)
  7. The Chase – Ongoing (ITV)
  8. Big Brother – 31st July 2024 (ITV)
  9. Deal Or No Deal – 21st June 2024 (ITV)

Hopefully news about how to be on future series of shows like The Fortune Hotel, Traitors and Race Across The World will soon be available. If you have any hints or tips about applying to be on TV, being on TV or know of a show looking for contestants then let us know or post in the comments.