Best Trivia Apps To Win Cash Prizes

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Best Trivia Apps To Win Cash Prizes

Earlier this week we were contacted by an industry friend asking us about a potential trivia related site they had planned. We’ve not really been into quizzes for a while, but trivia did feature on Loquax back in the early days. We partnered with a company called Uproar and hosted their mini quizzes. Players had to answer questions to secure enough points to enter prize draws. Some of our longer standing members may even remember them? All this nostalgia prompted us to take a look at see what is around today. And we were surprised to discover a number of apps that offer daily and weekly prizes. You can find them featured in a new trivia section on Loquax. If you’re a fan of trivia, gameshows and quizzes then take a look as you could win up to £1000 in cash – sometimes even more.

HQ Trivia

Playing is simple! Typically you login at quiz time and have to answer all the multiple questions correctly. The twist is that you only have a few seconds to answer. Get the question wrong and you’re out of the game. Make it to the end of the quiz to win/share the cash prize. Note that the apps tend to pay their cash prizes to a Paypal account – so you’ll need one of them to participate. The leading app seems to be HQ Trivia. This launched in the US but now accommodates quizzes specifically for a UK audience. As far as we’re aware there are daily cash prizes to be won. It’s free to play too. Howver, because it’s the most popular quiz show it does attract more players. If you’re new to this genre of competitions then our advice would be to look at HQ Trivia first.

Celebrity Presenters

Aside from it being owned by The Sun, Q Live is also worth a look. They run two live quizzes each week day and one per day at the weekend. There are cash prizes of £500+ to be won. What we like about Q Live is that they like to mix things up. Firstly they bring in guest hosts such as Gemma Collins (ok that may not appeal to everyone) and secondly there are the occasional big cash prizes on offer. Another app, Fleetwit, has also gone down the celebrity route. They recruited Rachel Riley to promote the app when it launched in the UK earlier in the year. Unlike Q Live and HQ Trivia, Fleetwit is mainly payments orientated. The quizzes also tend to be 1 v 1 rather than a Battle Royale. That said you can play a couple of games for free to see whether it’s for you.

Win Real Prizes

The trivia quiz app that reminds us most of Uproar is Kuizu. This gives you the chance to win 8 different prizes, worth around £50, every week. To play you need to answer 80% of questions from a trivia category correctly. You’re welcome to answer the questions in all categories and play for all the prizes. The quizzes can be played at any time! There are other apps – such as Quiz Up and Trivia Crack but these don’t seem to be prize orientated. It’ll be interesting to see whether more apps launch in the trivia quiz arena. Everyone loves to try out their general knowledge and apps are good vehicles to capture data and advertise. Could these apps even go on to take the place of popular TV quizzes? Check out the trivia quiz apps that are listed on Loquax. And if you know of an app that we can include feel free to let us know.


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