Better Chances To Win On Late Advent Competition Days?

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Better Chances To Win On Late Advent Competition Days?

Every year when we run our advent competition we always think we should get some data out of it and share it with you! Unfortunately we tend to forget, but this year we’ve remembered and surprisingly the results have completely scuppered our expected conclusions. You see, in previous years there’s always been a similar pattern of entry levels: At the start of December there’s the expected initial excitement of the advent competitions. Rapidly followed by a decline towards the middle of the month and then a little pick up as Christmas Day approaches. The idea of showing this data was to indicate that those of you who persevere throughout the advent period would have more chance of winning. But what about this year…

Mid Month Advent Drop Off

Now the expected pattern is there, but surprisingly it’s not as pronounced as we’ve previously seen (but not reported). In fact the entry level is fairly steady for a large amount of the time. There’s a drop of around 10-15% in entry levels from the start of the month through to the lowest period (mid month).
We can possibly attribute the steadiness of interest to a number of things. Firstly the competition had a few more reminders than usual on social media and secondly, this year we had some extra prizes on offer (we’ve still got some winners to pick by the way). So the result above kind of blows our “enter towards the end of advent” theory out the window a little bit – of course we’d need data from other years and other sites to fully quantify it though. The busy first few days is there but after that there’s not much in the way of “better chances”. Still, it’s interesting to mull over and perhaps something to consider for your 2012 advent competition strategy.


On The 3rd Day Of Advent…

The advent comping season is now well and truly underway and despite a challenging 2020 there’s a lot more competitions than we anticipated.