Compers Chronicle – Can You Win Your Way To Wealth?

January 28th, 2009

How many competitions do you enter? How much time do you spend comping? How many prizes do you win? We know some of you keep records of what you do, what you enter and what you win, but Debbie Loton has gone one step further and is writing a blog about her competition exploits. Called Comper’s Chronicle – Winning My Way to Wealth 2009 you’ll be able to see the “the highs and lows of her comping year”.

Each day you’ll see how many comps Debbie enters, the time spent entering and news of any wins or competition tips. So far, in January, for almost 12 hours work she’s picked up £280 of prizes (although at least £150 of value is for a comp that closed in November, so we’d argue that this isn’t a result of her efforts in 2009).

So what’s the reason behind the blog?

Well, Debbie is also the author of “Win Your Way To Wealth : Win Competitions and Sell Your Prizes Online” and we guess the blog is extra research for further books in the future, as well as a promotional tool for the book. More people may be tempted to buy a copy if it can be demonstrated that you can win your way to good fortune!

We’re not that keen on comping books mainly as in our experience unless you’re doing tiebreakers, it’s not rocket science to pick up comping knowledge and become a good comper – just sit down and enter competitions! Mind you, we’re used to internet comping and there are hints and tips for postcard comps as well as frequently asked comping questions, but these are covered in depth on Loquax and other free resources.

Anyway here’s our shortened version of Winning Your Way to Wealth

Be warned, selling prizes is a bit of an emotive subject for some compers, but if you want to sell prizes online we suggest that you use eBay or Freeads. To find competitions just head on over to the main site and forum at Loquax. If after all that you want some extra help and advice just ask other compers on the forums or check out our competitions guide.

Book aside, Debbie’s comping diary will be an interesting exercise to keep an eye on. We’ll definitely be dropping by her blog over the coming months to see how things develop.

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