Compers!! Get Your Chance To Star On The Telly

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Compers!! Get Your Chance To Star On The Telly

Every now and then we get requests from TV production companies asking if we’d help them find potential contestants for gameshows or willing participants for documentaries. For some compers this kind of exposure is not for them, but for others the chance to win prizes on TV or share their hobby is an exciting opportunity. Here are two such opportunities for you to mull over.

C4 TV Documentary Series Seeking Frugal Families

Do you go the extra mile to save money? Channel 4 are looking for Britain’s savvy spenders, families who’ve turned bargain-hunting into an art form. Can you up-cycle, recycle, put your waste to good use, bring your bills down? Do you know how to make the most out of coupons, vouchers, competitions, deals? Have you got a story to tell, perhaps you’ve transformed your family’s finances or inadvertently become a financial agony aunt? Most importantly, do get excited about saving money? Do you enjoy the challenge of bargain hunting? They want to celebrate inspiring families who make their money go further than most people could ever imagine, if you think you fit the bill, please contact – [email protected] – describe yourself, your family and the lengths you go to in the quest to save money. If you do decide to get in touch, please let them know that you found out from Loquax.

Be A Beat The Pack Contestant

Can you balance good general knowledge with good judgement? Would you like to win a huge cash prize? Can you ‘Beat the Pack’? The BBC are looking for confident, out-going individuals with a good level of general knowledge to take on the challenge of this exciting new BBC1 show hosted by Jake Humphrey! To request an application form please email [email protected]. Applicants must be 18 years of age and over. All applicants must be a resident in the UK or Channel Islands. Applicants must not be employed by the BBC! Again if you decide to give it a try please mention Loquax.

Good luck with your applications and hopefully we’ll be seeing some of you as stars of the small screen in the near future!


Be On A TV Quiz Or Game Show

Have you ever sat watching TV and thought “I’d love to give that ago”. To be honest I haven’t as the very thought