I Never Win A Bean! Well Now You Can!

August 23rd, 2012

How many times have you heard someone say “I don’t do competitions because I never win a bean”. Now the wrong, but slightly amusing, answer to that is “well no wonder as there aren’t that many bean competitions around”. And it’s true there aren’t that many chances to win beans!

However, all that is about to change because Heinz, who are celebrating the launch of their new (and actually very tasty) five beans, are giving away a bean. Not just any old bean – oh no – they’re offering you the chance to win a personalised bean. So if you’ve never won a bean – here’s your chance!

Win a Bean

To enter the prize draw all you have to do is take the fun quiz to find out what kind of bean you are (I’m a Cannellini apparently making me a giver, kind, relaxed and happy – just goes to show how far out it is then lol). You can enter the competition once a week, but Heinz are selecting winners every hour until 5pm on the 31st August.

There are an incredible 1350 personalised beans to be won and there are also some Heinz Beanz goody bags up for grabs too. Entry is via Facebook only – and we think the app can only be accessed via your PC and not via your mobile.

If you don’t win then you can safely announce to all and sundry that “yes – it’s true – you never win a bean”, however if you do win then you’re going to be able to gloat to your losing friends. Mind you will never ever be able to say you never win a bean so will have to change the phrase you use forever.

To help you with this, we’ll be keeping our eyes open for chances to win a “sausage” and “sod all” in the near future.


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