Has The Credit Crunch Changed Your Comping?

Has The Credit Crunch Changed Your Comping?

Yesterday we were asked an interesting question about competitions and the credit crunch and it got us thinking! We were asked whether more people were taking up comping in the hope to try and win the expensive holidays and luxury items that perhaps once were a lot more accessible? Over the last year we’d confidently say that there has been an increase in the number of people entering competitions. Increased comper numbers can in part be attributed to the “Martin Lewis Effect” and kudos to him for promoting competitions to his huge audience as a way to do some money saving.

Selling Prizes To Earn Extra Cash

Credit Crunch or no credit crunch, entering competitions has been a good way to accumulate goodies to either keep or sell. However, selling prizes is often regarded as a “no no” in some comping circles, most certainly it’s something some promoters dislike about compers and not an angle Loquax advocates. With the credit crunch, however, it’s quite likely that even more people will now view their prizes as a way to earn extra income. Prizes such as iPods and DVD Players, which in our experience have been overlooked by many compers, may perhaps attract more entries than before! Holidays, cash and cars will definitely attract a lot more interest too.

Are You A Comping Money Saver?

But, all this is speculation and the best people to ask are you! So, has the credit crunch made you comp more or perhaps even comp differently? Have you cut back on postcard and text entries? Or has it made no difference whatsoever? Finally, what are your tips for comping through the credit crunch?