Creme Egg Competition Requires Store Security

Cadbury Creme Egg

Creme Egg Competition Requires Store Security

By now you’re probably all aware that the latest Cadbury Creme Egg annual competition is already underway. Whilst we appreciate that Cadbury love to get the ball rolling on Easter within moments of the last Christmas Cracker being pulled we just can’t bring ourselves to mention it until all the decorations come down. As in previous years Cadbury have created an Easter Egg Hunt where lucky customers who find a rare half milk half white chocolate egg will win £10,000. However the competition seems to have caused a few problems.

Store Security Required

According to reports on Wales Online a store in Pudsey has introduced a Creme Egg security guard “to help prevent any opportunistic shoppers from cracking a peak following the commencement of the egg hunt”. We don’t know whether this is simply a publicity stunt by Asda to drum up business or the people of Pudsey are regarded as particular dodgy when it comes to rummaging through chocolate eggs in search of one worth £10,000! We suspect the former, but the security could mean that someone knows the Pudsey store is the home of the one rare egg that’s available to be won across all Asda stores.

About The Competition

The 2022 Cadbury Creme Egg campaign, titled as How Do You Not Eat Yours, runs from the 26th December until 17th April 2022. The aim of the promotion is to find a half milk chocolate, half white chocolate Cadbury Creme Egg. If you’re lucky enough to do so then you’re required to call the number found on the winning ticket. Proof of a winning ticket is required and Cadbury may want a picture of you not eating your winning egg sent via email. Our advice is make sure that you don’t have a winning egg before you decide to wolf it down. Imagine how you’d feel if you’d just taken the last mouthful of a Creme Egg that’s worth £10K!? There are other cash prizes up for grabs and all the details can be found on the Cadbury website.

The Chances Of Winning

According to Wikipedia there are 200 million Cadbury Creme Eggs sold in The UK every year. However there are just 146 winning eggs available in this competition (The Mirror). That means that your chances of picking up a winning egg are around one in a million. When you put it in those terms it’s not exactly a “low entry” competition. And when you consider that Cadbury make £55million from sales of Creme Eggs and offer prizes of just under £100,000 you can see why they love running this promotion – especially given the publicity that it creates.

Didn’t Happen Of The Year Awards

Talking of this particular competition we spotted this tweet by the “Didn’t Happen of the Year Awards”. The original comment was made on Facebook but we’ve been unable to verify when/where it occurred so we’ll just have to take the Twitter accounts word for it. Either way we’re thinking that their sentiment is spot on. Would you really giveaway a £10,000 winning egg to a sweet old lady? If the answer is “yes” and you do win then contact Loquax as we’re happy to dress as a sweet old lady just to take the prize off you.


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