Enter The Comic Relief Prizeathon Prize Draws

Comic Relief Prizeathon

Enter The Comic Relief Prizeathon Prize Draws

Raffles seem to be all the rage these days. We seem to get a notification every other week about a “new concept in competitions”. Unfortunately these turn out to be the same old same old with terrible websites wanting entrants to pay a fortune for the chance to win “money can’t buy prizes”. However, the latest raffle site to hit the spotlight is a little bit different. First of all it’s run by Comic Relief and secondly the prizes they are offering are really ones that money just can’t buy.

Win Breakfast With Sir David Attenborough

The Comic Relief Prizeathon gives you the chance to win some really exciting prizes. These include having breakfast with Doctor Who or Sir David Attenborough. The full list of competitions is shown below – and of course on the Prizeathon website. The only draw back is that to enter that you’re asked to pay – and it’s not cheap. One entry to one competition costs £10. Now that is a little on the steep side, but think of it another way. Let’s say you’re a regular supporter of Comic Relief. You love watching the evening of comedy and clips showing their work both at home and abroad. You also don’t mind donating a few pound during the show and you even make sure you buy a red nose and tshirt. Well instead of doing those things with your donation you could use the same donation to enter a Prizeathon prize draw?

List Of Prizeathon Prizes

But what can you win? Here’s a list of the current competitions:
1. Breakfast with Sir David Attenborough
2. Breakfast with Jodie Whittaker on the Doctor Who set
3. Meet Tom Hiddleston
4. Have Tea with The Cast of The Crown
5. Meet Gillian Anderson
6. A Private Gig with Mumford & Sons
7. Meet Louis Tomlinson
8. Win a Stormtrooper Helmet
9. Meet Jessie Ware & Richard Curtis
10. Win a Charlie Mackesy print
11. Join The Guilty Feminist Podcast
12. Win breakfast with Tanya Burr
13. Have Dinner with The Guilty Feminist
14. Have Breakfast with Giovanna Fletcher

To enter, you simply select your competition and then the number of tickets you wish to purchase. You’ll then be asked to register with the site either using your mobile number or email address. Once registered your credit card details are required to complete the purchase of the raffle ticket. Note that this is a raffle and therefore no skill question is required as part of the entry mechanic.

Free Postal Entry

Now for the good news – you can enter all the above competitions for free. On each page is a postal entry route. Just send your details, as requested, to the address given on the site to log your entry. Now we’re not going to say don’t use this option, but just remember that these comps are being run for a good cause so maybe purchase an entry or two. Mind you one entry to each competition would be £140 so don’t feel too bad about sending in a few postal entries. We do wonder whether the price point for the competitions is a bit too high. Would more people make entries if the cost was say £1 or £2 an entry – the price of a lottery ticket perhaps? One thing to also note is that there’s no limit to the number of entries a competition can attract. Unlike the raffles mentioned at the start where the entry numbers are fixed. This isn’t a major problem but we do wonder how many entries will be made for each.

Important Terms

We know compers always read the terms, but there’s a few points worth raising. First of all we can’t actually locate a closing date. However all competitions state that the winner will be notified on 15 April 2019. Now the winner needs to claim their prize within 2 days of being notified. Interestingly by not stating this kind of thing led Zavvi to fall foul of ASA! Although this is a charity competition your £10 doesn’t go all the way to Comic Relief. According to the terms Givergy charge “a fee of 18% or less for marketing, running and providing the system to allow the prize draw to take place”. So for a £10 entry just £8.20 will make it’s way to charity. The rest is for the admin of the competition. It’ll be interesting to see how well Givergy do from these competitions.


Targeting Low Entry Competitions

“I’m not winning”, “I never win” and “I never have much luck” are all phrases you hear in comping circles. If there are