Eurostar Stay On Whilst Orange Leave The Voting Competition Train

January 25th, 2011

Despite the many issues that they caused last year voting competitions are still being used by many a promoter. Eurostar, Hostelbookers, Orange Film Club, Joules, Topdeck Travel and Argos are just some of the brands that have dipped a toe into this kind of mechanic so far this year. The good news is that there are some compers actively trying to persuade brands to reconsider their competition set up.

The results aren’t always good though. Eurostar for example are running a Lamest Excuse Competition. To enter you need to upload a video giving them the lamest excuse you can muster as to why you should visit one of their city destinations. The video with the most votes “wins big”.

Compers contacted Eurostar via Facebook about their voting approach. Eurostar replied “we’ve run competitions in the past where a panel of judges chose the winner but feedback suggested that this time we should put the decision to a public vote”.

Having looked at the entries so far (and especially the one that’s leading) it does seem that there’s nothing amiss. However, Eurostar are potentially missing out on entries because there’s no reward for effort. What’s the point of doing an entry if you know the leader has 600 votes?

If voting has to be part of a promotion and “most votes” wins, then promoters should really also consider offering something for creativity and participation. Perhaps a prize for their favourite or a random prize draw for everyone taking part? Just giving prizes to the most likes is asking for trouble and saying “feedback suggested a public vote” is nothing but a lame excuse.

But there is good news! And that good news comes from Orange Film Club on Facebook. For the chance to win a trip to Hollywood they want you to “upload a photo of you and a mate using perspective to make one of you appear like a giant Gulliver and the other look like a thumb-sized Liliputian. Winner announced on 28th January”.

Initially this was to be a votes winning competition, but they’ve listened to their users and changed the format. The winner will now be picked by an Orange judging panel. With such a big (and quite a cool prize) on offer it’s good news for all involved that the winner is picked this way.

By listening to concerns they no doubt will get a few more entries and will also have earnt the respect of consumers…. perhaps something for Eurostar to ponder?

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