Facebook – A New Source of Competitions?


Facebook – A New Source of Competitions?

We’ve mentioned YouTube and competitions over the last couple of blog posts, but another social network phenomena is also worth keeping an eye on in terms of competitions and prizes – and that is of course Facebook. Today we’ve added a new competition which offers Facebook users the chance to win a trip to see David Gray in New York (we believe we’re the first online competition portal to list this competition too). To take part you need to add the David Gray Application and then refer your friends to see the video – you’re then able to enter the draw.

So What Is Facebook

If you’ve not visited Facebook and have no idea what adding an application is, then briefly Facebook is a huge social gathering site where people all over the world can login, share photos, comments, join groups and interact. It’s massive – in every internetly sense possible! Part of the appeal to users is the option to add different applications (these can be horoscopes, pirate games, poker, movie quizzes – in fact just about anything). Clever marketing people have realised that Facebook is also a goldmine, mainly because of the amount of data it holds, and so they are now busy thinking of ways to engage the Facebook audience – and make themselves a few quid too.

Loquax Facebook Group

Competitions as we all know are a good way to attract interest, and so David Gray has used the opportunity to see him in New York as a way to get more people to view his latest video. We’ve also heard of an O2 competition aimed at university students too (the prize is/was a £50000 party) and so we fully expect Facebook to be a source of interesting competitions in 2008. Keep an eye on Loquax for any news, and if you are a Facebook member don’t forget to join the Loquax Group.


Targeting Low Entry Competitions

“I’m not winning”, “I never win” and “I never have much luck” are all phrases you hear in comping circles. If there are