Find Willy In Tesco To Win £5000

Where's Willy

Find Willy In Tesco To Win £5000

Some competitions and prize draws are really easy to enter. You enter your details, like/share or maybe tag for the chance to win anything from a token prize through to a stunning holiday. The chances of winning are dependent on how many other people enter. However some giveaways are a lot lot harder and the latest one from Jubel Beer is probably one of the toughest. Everyone has heard of Where’s Wally, the picture game that involves finding a certain character in an image. Well Jubel Beer are going one step further and creating the picture game but in real life. Their character, Willy, will be hiding in 1 of 500 Tesco stores until he is found. This promotion could potentially last a few hours or it could run for a considerable amount of time. But if you’re the first person to found Willy and provide him with the correct password then it’ll win you £5000. The competition starts on July 10th and you’ll need to keep an eye on the Jubel Beer instagram for clues of the Tesco store that Willy may be appearing at.

Jubel Beer’s Marketing Campaign

The competition is a marketing campaign for Jubel Beer to help announce that their beer is now available to buy in Tesco Superstores. The brand do like to do things differently! For example their last marketing project involved using a £100 budget to hitchhike from London to Sicily in 5 days to film a launch video for Blood Orange beer. Before you head off to your nearest Tesco and start accosting anyone who vaguely looks like the Where’s Wally character there’s a few important things to note. Firstly the competition starts on July 10th (and may well end on July 10th). The location of the first store isn’t known but clues will be provided on Jubel’s social media. Keep an eye on them to see if Willy is in your locale. Willy will only be in a store for a short time before moving onto the next so you’re going to have to be quick. They aim to try and visit as many stores as possible which is going to be some feat to perform without being spotted. To win the £5000 you will need a password but in order to get that password you need to be in the right store and DM Jubel for the details. Let’s hope their social media team are on the ball because we can imagine that they’re going to get a lot of DMs.

Win £5000

If you manage to be in the right Tesco store, find Willy, give the correct the password and be the first person to do so then you’ll win the £5000 cash prize. Note you must be over 18 to take part. The money will be paid by BACS to the winner’s bank account. Tesco employees, contractors and agency workers in Tesco stores are not able to win during working hours but are able to participate outside of these times. Although we guess that Tesco employees may be able to contact their friends and/or family if they suspect that Willy is in the building? We’re guessing that Jubel will be letting the stores know that they’re planning to hide so any staff that see a strange guy in a stripey top and wooly hat don’t end up calling security. Mind it does beg the question how is Willy getting into the store! Will he go through the front door so that shoppers see him straight away? Will he be disguised and only get into character once hidden? Or will he try and sneak in via the staff entrance before finding a suitable place to hide. What happens if an unsuspecting shopper stumbles across Willy and is surprise by them? So many questions and so many scenarios where this promotion could go a little bit awry.

Something Fun

In terms of offering any one and every one the chance to win £5000 this competition is miles off the barometer. To win you need Willy to be in a store close enough to you to get to before he goes AND then you have to find him first. The whole thing could be over before it’s even began if eagle-eyed viewers at the first few stores are good Where’s Wally spotters. Mind it is possible that the hunt could last a considerable amount of time and shoppers struggle to find the hero of the moment. Either way it’s great news for Jubel who have created a marketing buzz for just £5000 (plus expenses of sending Willy around several Tesco stores). They’ve already picked up plenty of interest online and that interest will grow if/when the winner locates Willy. Not every competition needs to be a simple prize draw and it’s nice to find something inventive for a change. Jubel definitely have an unserious approach to things and even after this competition they’re a brand we think are worth a follow on social media just to see what they come up with next. All the details about the competition – plus updates – can be found on their social pages.


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