Flick To Win With Babybel Football


Flick To Win With Babybel Football

Games used to be quite popular in the early days of online comping. We remember ‘Keepy Uppy’ style games for example – possibly at the time of a World Cup or Euro Championship and they used to be a lot of fun to play. The fun only lasted until people discovered various ways of hacking high score tables and cheating their way to the prizes.

Back Of The Net

However, it’s good to see that there’s a game of sorts fronting the current Babybel competition – Babybel Football. It’s designed for the Euro Championships and to take part you need to simply flick the country branded cheeses in to the net. You earn points for every goal you score and lose points when you miss. The good thing about this game is that you don’t need to score highly to be able to enter the prize draw. Just head to Babybel Football and start playing – don’t worry if you’re rubbish at flicking the babybels into the net. Once your time is up you’re invited to register and to see if you’re an instant winner (we suspect that most people will get a 10% discount from lastminute.com or vouchers for cheese).

Win A Holiday

You’re also entered into a prize draw to win a European Holiday. There are 50 holidays to be won as well as plenty of other instant win prizes. Do check the rules before you sign up as once you’ve registered it’s impossible to locate the terms and conditions. We only know that the competition ends on the 11th July because of the TV advert above. There is a high score table associated with this competition, but we don’t think there are prizes for coming out on top. Which is a good thing because it’s an addictive but very frustrating game to play.


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