Free Lotteries Watch Update – Closures & New Community

Free Lotteries Watch Update – Closures & New Community

As well as keeping an eye on win a house raffles, we also like to keep tabs on what’s happening in the world of free lotteries. These kind of daily giveaways have increased in number since the arrival of The Free Postcode Lottery. Some sites have tried to replicate The FPL by basically doing exactly the same thing whilst others have tried to be different and use phone numbers, birth dates, emojis and even number plates as “raffle tickets”. One thing that is evident when looking over all the sites we have listed on Free Lotto Watch is that having a daily lottery site doesn’t mean you’ll have the success of The FPL. At time of writing The FPL is by far the biggest site in terms of community, social media and money being given away. In fact no other site comes close to it and sadly some sites have decided to call time on their ventures.

Closing Down

Perhaps the biggest loss from the ‘watch’ is the Selfie Lottery. This lottery used the photos uploaded by entrants to determine their daily winners and they even dished out thousands of pounds in prizes. They closed their doors citing limited time and resources! We wonder whether that actually meant it didn’t make any money? Joining The Selfie Lottery through the exit door are Number Plate Lotto and Free Lotteries. Both sites have a message on their sites saying that they are down for maintenance and site improvements. Two more sites, Free Raffle Draw and Free Lottery Draw, didn’t even make the ‘watch’ pages before closing their doors. Time and resources are both cited as reasons although the Free Raffle Draw does allude to losing money.

Free Lotteries Community

On a more positive note some of the site owners have come together to form the Free Lotteries Community. Member sites, which include Free Treats, Free Birthdate Lottery, The Street Lottery, Badger The Button and Big Free Giveaway, have created their own code of conduct. This includes having verified winners and agreeing not to spam users. We think it’s quite an interesting initiative but do wonder whether users will be influenced by the presence of an FLC Community Badge?

No Rollovers

Our next ‘watch update’ will see a few changes to our page. We have noticed that some sites don’t rollover their prizes if they’re unclaimed, so this means they’re not dishing out the “prize per day” as perhaps claimed. A couple of sites don’t have that many claimees either which makes us wonder why. Do you play the daily free lottery sites? Have you had success? Have you spotted anything that concerns you? Let us know in the comments below.


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