Gameshow Marathon Competition Scandal

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Gameshow Marathon Competition Scandal

According to a report in The Sun ITV have been hit with another phone vote scandal. This time the problem occurred with Vernon Kay’s Gameshow Marathon on 14th April when viewers were invited to win prizes worth £25000. However 10000 viewers did not receive a confirmation text and were not included in the prize draw. Full marks to The Sun as they confronted ITV, who subsequently admitted the mistake. According to the report ITV bosses have “pledged to stage another draw for the 10,000 people affected” and this is going to cost them a further £25000.

10,000 People Affected

As yet there’s no details on, however reports do appear on a number of sites. Brand Republic report that the 10,000 only account for 8% of the number of entries, so this gives compers an indication of how many people take part in these kind of competitions (125,000 just in case you’re wondering). Another phone competition scandal is something that ITV (and indeed all phone competition operators) don’t need! However at least these competitions are now being scrutinised closely by the popular press and ultimately this can only be good news for compers.


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