Get Me A Ticket & Ninjawin Close Down

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Get Me A Ticket & Ninjawin Close Down

Whilst writing about the car competition that’s currently running at Bingoport we popped into Get Me A Ticket to see how many motors they were offering to entrants. To our surprise we discovered that the site has closed it’s doors. All the giveaways have now ended and there’s a statement on the site explaining that it’s closed down that they are “no longer accepting registrations or prize entries”. Below the statement is a list of recent winners – all of whom have only a few days left to claim their winning. The last date for claiming is the 14th October – and with prizes like £3000 holiday vouchers and £2500 holiday vouchers on the table – we hope that all the winners have collected their prizes. If you’ve entered their prize draws recently then our advice is make sure you check your emails.

What About Your Data?

If you’ve entered Get Me A Ticket competitions in the past then you may be concerned about your data. According to the site’s statement “as part of the website closure, we will be removing your contact information from any of the Callcredit Information Group businesses”. The site also has an option to remove yourself from any third party communications with whom Get Me A Ticket have business relationships. Details of why the site has closed after almost 10 years aren’t available. The Callcredit Information Group seems to be in good health so we can only assume that GMAT was just no longer a viable source of leads for them. The internet continues to evolve and it’s evident that the lead generation sites like MyOffers are pale imitations of what they used to be when they first arrived on the scene. We wonder whether social media, apps and other ways of collecting data have pushed leadgen competitions aside or whether people have now cottoned on to them, therefore are no longer as interested? However, there’s obviously still room for leadgen type sites given that the likes of UKPrize, Vaniki and MyOffers continue to run, but it will be interesting to see whether the demise of Get Me A Ticket does lead to further closures.

Goodbye Ninjawin

Talking of closures, we were sad to learn of the end of another competition portal site, Ninjawin. This site started life as TwitNinja but changed it’s name to Ninjawin when Twitter got a bee in their bonnet over anyone standing on their toes. The site focused on Twitter competitions and brought a lot of character to the comping scene with fun graphics. A statement on the site explains the closure but “lack of time to continue maintaining the site and the monetary costs of keeping it ticking along” are cited as the reasons for the decision. We do minimal things with the Twitter API and believe us when we say that is more than enough – we’d hate to try and run a site which often relies heavily on it as well as user activity. We’d like to wish the owners of Ninjawin all the best for the future and with their new projects. Did you use either of the sites? Did you ever win a competition on Get Me A Ticket? Let us know in the comments below!


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