Get Minted With Small Cash Prizes

October 8th, 2018

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Keep an eye out for special packets of Trebor products over the next few months. This is because they’ve launched a new on pack promotion that offers the chance to win over 10,000 cash prizes. Now these cash prizes won’t be life changing! Trebor have opted to offer small cash prizes because they will put a smile on your face. The top prize is just £50, but will every prize be winging it’s way into the hands of lucky winners?

To enter the Win Small competition you need to purchase promotional packs of Trebor Extra Strong Mints or Trebor Soft Mints. If you find a winning message and code inside the pack then you have won a prize. Entrants need to visit and enter their code to find out what they’ve won.

£100,000 Of Prizes

There will be 8000 x £5, 1400 x £10, 800 x £20 and 600 x £50 prizes. Winners will need to give their bank details so the prizes can be paid out. Trebor Win Small runs from the 1st October 2018 through to the 31st March 2019. Entry is open only to Great Britain (England, Wales and Scotland) residents aged 18 and over.

As far as we’re aware the prizes are based on in-pack codes. Therefore it’s feasible that not every prize will be awarded during the promotion. Having scanned through the terms and conditions there’s no indication of what happens if not every prize is claimed. There’s £100,000 in total assigned to the Win Small promotion, but we anticipate that a lot less of that will actually get won.

More Instant Winners – Less Wombles?

On the plus side, Trebor do say that their packs will instantly say if you’ve won a prize. Knowing they’ve already won should encourage consumers to visit the website and enter their code. Hopefully this approach will mean that many of the cash prizes do get claimed. This may also mean that the “wombling approach” – picking up packets from the street to check codes – may be less effective compared to promotions where you need to enter a code to find out if you’ve won or to enter a prize draw.

Full details can be found at – good luck and do let us know if you win a cash prize!

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