GMTV Respond To Phone Competition Claims

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GMTV Respond To Phone Competition Claims

Breakfast TV company GMTV have been quick to respond to claims that there phone in competitions have offered entrants no chance of winning. In a special announcement GMTV say they are “shocked” by the accusations of irregularities regarding their competitions. However, they go on to say that they recently had comnmissioned an independent review of Opera Telecom’s interactive systems and processes.

Competitions In Accordance With The Codes

The statement goes on to say: “This review has now been completed and we are confident on the basis of Deloitte’s findings and our own research that our competitions are being operated fully in accordance with the codes – and that no finalists are being selected before lines have closed.” Today’s statement from GMTV follows press reports that “thousands of people who rang premium-rate competition phones lines had no chance of a prize because a short list of winners had been drawn up hours earlier” (The Mirror).

GMTV Kept In The Dark

The story follows a Panorama report by The BBC who undertook an investigation into phone in competitions that were run between May 2003 and February 2007. According to The Sun: “Panorama alleges that the phone operator running the quiz, Opera Interactive Technology, knew all about the alleged con but its staff were urged to keep GMTV in the dark.” For the time being it does appear that GMTV have suspended their phone in competitions, but their online competitions are not effected.


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