Invent The Next Cadbury Dairy Milk Bar

Invent The Next Cadbury Dairy Milk Bar

Have you ever wanted to invent your own chocolate bar and see it in the shops? Well now’s your chance as Cadbury Dairy Milk are inviting you to become a Willy Wonka as they’ve brought their invent a chocolate bar competition back again for another run. Head on over to the Cadbury Inventor website before the 3rd August and start creating your chocolate bar. This creative competition is not as straightforward as you think – or hope – because you’re going to need to name your bar and say what inspired you to invent the bar. If you win then you could well see your bar on the shelves in 2021 if Cadbury like the taste of it!

How To Enter The Cadbury Inventor Competition

To enter the competition head on over to Cadbury Inventor. First things first you’re going to have to add some ingredients to your chocolate bar. There are plenty of options to choose from and they can be found under various sections such as nutty, fruity, herbs & spices, crunchy, wildcard, chewy and creamy. In fact there’s over 50 ingredients including crunchy corn, candy shell chocolates bites, popping candy, cola jellies, cherry, coconut, oreo and sprinkles. If you need some inspiration for your bar then check out the previous winner of the competition. That was Callum Clogher who created the Choca-Latte Dairy Milk bar. For your chocolate bar you can choose up to three different ingredients. Note that you don’t have to add all three but you must have at least one – otherwise you’ll just create a bar of Dairy Milk. When you’re deciding on your ingredients think about flavours that go together as well as textures. Think about things that have mass market appeal too. Once you’re happy with your choices click the “mix” button to move on to the next step of the competition.

At stage 2 you’ll need to name your bar! You only have 22 characters available so the name needs to be short, snappy and stand out. We sugest that you take a look around the internet at recipes for inspiration with respect to your bar name. You might want to go simple and descriptive like ‘Raspberry Shortcake’ (as was used last time round) or you could try a pun like Simply The Zest (another 2019 finalist). Punpedia is a useful starting point for some chocolate puns. The video above shows Food Review UK reviewing the finalists from 2019. It’s worth a watch just to see what is needed for a finalist bar.

Voting Competition

Finally you’ll need to enter your details and explain what inspired you to create your bar. This need to be done in up to 200 words! Our advice is spend a bit of time with each stage as you’ll want your entry to stand out. It’s possible for more than one entrant to choose the same ingredients so the name and inspiration will differentiate the entries. After the closing date of 3rd August all entries will be wittled down by PromoVeritas to just 20. It’s not clear how they will do this though. The 20 entries will then be judged by another panel in terms of taste (“interesting, realistic, enjoyable and delicious taste that would be of appeal to a mass market within the UK and Ireland”) and creativity (“an interesting and emotive reason for the bar to be created”).

Travel To Cadbury R&D

Just three entries will be chosen from the 20 and these will then be invited to travel to the Cadbury R&D centre to create and design their bar. The bars – if they can be created – will then go on sale in Tesco and other retailers to see how the public respond to the various flavours. The overall winner will be decided by a mixture of sales data, public votes and polls. Sales data during the voting period will make up 20% of the result whilst 75% of the result will be generated from a public vote. Polls on social media account for the final 5%. We’re not so keen on the public vote element but it generates brand interest for Cadbury.

A Year’s Supply Of Chocolate

The winning bar will join the Cadbury Dairy Milk Range and appear on store shelves in 2021. The inventor also gets a year of chocolate. That’s actually 52 of their bars which seems to be at least 313 bars too short of a year’s supply in our view. When you consider how much publicity and sales that Cadbury could potentially get from a winning bar and the rest of the competition – a year of chocolate should – at least in our opinion be more than one bar a week. I mean a family of 4 could demolish one bar before the first act of a movie has been completed.


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