Great Golden Wonder Takeaway Giveaway

Golden Wonder

Great Golden Wonder Takeaway Giveaway

If you’re a fan of crisps and snacks then you’d have been happy to hear about KP’s Great Taste Experience on pack competition. And there’s even more good news because Golden Wonder are getting involved with giveaways too. From 1st April until 31st July you’ll have the chance to win up to a year’s worth of free takeaways. The promotion in association with Deliveroo will see one winner selected daily.

Winning Moments In 2019

Details of the promotion are limited at the moment but it follows on from last year’s successful Golden Wonder Bag of Wonders promo. During 2019 Golden Wonder offered up to £1 million of prize surprises. In addition wonderful every pack of Golden Wonder and Ringos came with a £5 voucher off for a gift retailer. According to the terms and conditions of Wonder What I’ve Won there were over 133,000 winning moment prizes to be won. However, according to Matt Smith, marketing director at Golden Wonder, that promotion saw 5000 ‘prize surprises’ won (Talking Retail). If we assume that this refers to all prizes that were won then less than 5% of prizes advertised actually were won during that promotion. This highlights why winning moment on pack competitions aren’t always fair to the consumer.

Daily Prize Draw In 2020

This year’s promotion hopefully will be a little bit different. We do know that it will feature on even more products and these will include Ringos, Transform‑A‑Snack and Saucers. Make sure they’re on your shopping list! Given that one prize will be up for grabs daily we’re guessing promotional packs will contain codes. These codes will then either need to be sent in via text or online and one winner will be chosen from the day’s entrants. Hopefully when more details of the promotion are published we can update accordingly. If the mechanic is as we’ve speculated then this should make for a better promotion when compared to the winning moments set-up of 2019.


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