Win A Trip To Lapland With Coca Cola

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Win A Trip To Lapland With Coca Cola

There are many things which signal the start of Christmas. It might be the arrival of the John Lewis advert, it could be Hans Gruber falling off Nakatomi Plaza; perhaps it’s eating that first mince pie or perhaps it could the familiar jingle of “Holidays are Coming” from Coca Cola. Those festively lit up lorries complete with Santa and his bottle of pop are back on our screens (and touring The UK) but much more exciting than that is a brand new promotion. Christmas branded products are winging their way to supermarkets and there’s an on-pack promotion that gives consumers the opportunity to win a trip to Lapland. Over the next five weeks you’ll have the chance to win this star prize plus you could also win either a Christmas Trip to London, a Perfect Christmas Table, a Christmas Dinner Voucher (£300) or a Christmas Hamper. Now you don’t need to buy products to take part as all this can be done via the Coca Cola app.

The Coca Cola App

If you’ve not downloaded the Coca Cola app then now is a good time to do so. Once downloaded you’ll need to create an account. This is done by filling in your email, location and date of birth. Once you’ve agreed some marketing terms and confirmed your account then you’re all set to get started with the app. Open the link sent by email on your mobile and not on your desktop like I did. The code that’s sent to verify your account is huge! Anyway once signed up you’re rewarded with 50 Gems, the currency of the app. These Gems are important because without them you can’t enter the various prize draws that are located under the ‘Prizes’ tab on the app. To earn Gems you do need to play games such as the recently added Xmas Jump. In this platform style game you need to guide the Elf character across six different levels. For every level that you complete you’re rewarded with 50 Gems. There are limits to the number of Gems you can earn per day (max 300) but you can play as much as you like. I tried Xmas Jump quickly whilst writing this blog post and I’m going to need plenty of practice.

Playing Games For Gems

As well as Xmas Jump you can also try to earn Gems by playing Football Catcher, Sprite Heat Hacks, Fanta Rider and Love What You Love. Of these Sprite Heat Hacks was quite an easy game to play as you just needed to create lines of three icons (a bit like Bejeweled for those of you who remember it). Football Catcher on ‘Easy’ level was also quite a nice simple game as you just needed to stop the balls going into the net. If you’re good at games – or have someone close by who’s good at games – then get them involved to help you accumulate plenty of points. Points make prizes and to enter all current promotions on the app you’ll need 900 points. Now presumably you can also get points by uploading codes from Coca Cola products but I don’t drink the stuff (nor Sprite, Fanta etc) so I can’t test that out. Once you have points to enter a prize draw though you can simply go and “buy” an entry by heading to the ‘Prizes’ tab, selecting the prize draw you wish to enter and clicking the “Join The Raffle” or “Try Your Luck” button (whichever is shown). The latter appears for Instant Win promotions.

Christmas Instant Win & Prize Draw

The Coca Cola Christmas promotion is split into two elements. Firstly there’s a weekly prize draw that runs until the 20th December 2023. Each week entrants will have the chance to win the various festive prizes plus the chance to head to Lapland. The Lapland prize comprises of flights & accommodation for two people and takes place on the 18th to 21st January 2024. Full terms and conditions for these festive prizes can be found on the website. To enter the weekly Christmas prize draw you’ll need 150 Gems. From what we understandyou can make a maximum of 100 entries a week provided you have a lot of Gems! The Instant Win Christmas promotion gives you the chance to win various Coca Cola prizes such as 400 x Coca Cola Branded Baubles, 1600 Pairs of Socks, 10 x £100 Food Delivery Vouchers, 50 x £20 Food Delivery Vouchers and 150 x £10 Food Delivery Vouchers. You’ll need 150 Gems to play and you can only enter twice a day. This is a Winning Moment promotion so 2210 prizes have been allocated a time and the entrant who tries the luck closest to that winning moment time wins the prize. If you’re a night owl then it might be worth trying your luck during the small hours just to see if any Winning Moments have cropped up whilst everyone else is sleeping.

All details of the Coca Cola Christmas promotion can be found at Coca Cola UK. Image care of Coca Cola.


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