How Many Sprouts Can You Fit In A Bath?

How Many Sprouts Can You Fit In A Bath?

Aside from the appearance of the Coca Cola Truck, there’s nothing that signals the arrival Christmas more than the annual debate about sprouts. Love them or hate them you’ll probably end up eating them. For best results mix them with butter and fried lardons or chopped up bacon (top Loquax culinary tip of 2011). However, if you’re not a fan of sprouts then why not put them in your bath? No we’ve not gone mad – but it might help you enter the Christmas competition from Better Bathrooms! They, in association with Homebuilding and Renovating magazine, are offering the chance to win a contemporary bathroom suite complete with a freestanding, contemporary Bologna slipper bath, a 1200x800mm quadrant shower enclosure and shower tray complete with Ecobar shower system; a choice of left or right handed shower enclosure and tray is available. The full prize package has an RRP of over £2,300.

A Scientific Approach Or Guess

They’ve topped up a bath with sprouts and they want to know “how many love ‘em or hate ‘em sprouts will Santa’s elves manage to squeeze into their beautiful bath”? The person who guesses nearest to the actual number will be getting a bathroom makeover! Now there’s three ways to approach this competition! Firstly you could make a random guess! Secondly you could buy a lot of sprouts and count them in and count them back out again or you could go for the Scientific approach of figuring out the average volume of a bath and the average volume of a sprout and determining how many average sprouts go into said average bath!

Do Some Sums

If you go for the latter approach you might want to take into account that the bath (as shown in the picture) looks a little overflowing in sprouts. You have until 4pm on the 19th December to make your random guess, cover your own bathroom with sprouts or whip out your calculators and do some sums.


On The 3rd Day Of Advent…

The advent comping season is now well and truly underway and despite a challenging 2020 there’s a lot more competitions than we anticipated.