Hunt For A White Chocolate Creme Egg & Win Cash Prizes

January 4th, 2018

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Now that Christmas is over that means it’s all systems go for Easter! Chocolate Eggs are already in stores and Cadbury have announced that Creme Egg Hunting Season is back. Now usually that wouldn’t be such a big deal as Creme Eggs seem to be in store for 12 months of the year these days but this year Cadbury have gone a little bit Willy Wonka. For the first time ever they’ve unleased white chocolate eggs into the world.

Only 371 white chocolate Creme Eggs are in circulation (see below) and if you find one then you’re a winner. Details of the promotion are quite hard to find – we’ve seen countless news articles about the promotion but few actually tell you what to do if you’re lucky enough to unwrap one. So what do you do if you find a white chocolate Creme Egg?

How To Claim

Thankfully there are terms on the Cadbury website. If you get lucky then details of how to claim will be printed inside the wrapper. Make sure you keep the voucher and wrapper as you’ll need it to validate your claim. All claims must be made by 5pm on 1st May 2018. You can eat the egg, but we suggest taking photos of it, the voucher and wrapper beforehand just so that you have additional proof.

The eggs are distributed among different outlets including Independents, Sainsbury’s, Co-Op and Tesco. Each week a minimum number of eggs will be available to be won. The value of the prizes varies from £100 up to £2000. The most valuable eggs are at the Co-Op! By the way all winners receive an extra 60p with their winnings so that they can go and buy another egg.

1. The Independents have 13 x £1000 and 78 x £100 eggs. A minimum of 1 x £1000 and 6 x £100 eggs will be available each week for 13 weeks.

2. Sainsbury’s has 14 x £1000 and 84 x £100 eggs. A minimum of 1 x £1000 and 6 x £100 eggs will be available each week for 14 weeks.

3. Co-Op has 1 x £2000 and 90 x £200 eggs. A minimum of 7 x £100 eggs will be available each week for 13 weeks.

4. Tesco has 13 x £1000 and 84 x £100 eggs. A minimum of 1 x £1000 and 7 x £100 eggs will be available each week for 13 weeks.

What Are The Odds Of Finding An Egg

Before you grab your coat and head off down to your local retailer it’s worth taking a moment to do some maths. According to a Cadbury Brand Fact Sheet, “over 500 million
Creme Eggs are made every year with about two thirds of that number being enjoyed in the UK”. That means 330 million eggs are sold to UK egg munchers during a year!

Now we’re going to assume that the vast majority of those eggs are consumed during the Easter period (1st January to 31st December!). There are just 371 white eggs available in this particular promotion so this means that the chances of finding a white chocolate Creme Egg are approximately 1 in 889487. With 48 eggs to a case, the odds of selecting the right case are 1 in 18530.

Now these numbers are probably “worst case scenario” because they don’t take into account eggs that are sold as packs of three etc. But you get the idea – you’re going to need to be very lucky to find one!

Win 1 Of 100 White Eggs

If you don’t fancy going egg hunting then there’s another way that you can get your hands on a white egg! Head to the Cadbury Creme Egg facebook page and enter the competition for the chance to win 1 of 100 eggs. We don’t think these particular eggs have cash prizes associated with them. To take part in the Facebook prize draw you need to screenshot the video when it shows an unwrapped white egg.

You have until the 9th January to get involved, but it’s worth noting that at time of writing this particular competition has already had almost 44,000 comments! That’s still better odds than heading down to the shops and hoping to buy one.

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