Hunt The Blue Jammie Dodgers

Hunt The Blue Jammie Dodgers

If you love a Willy Wonka style Golden Ticket competition then the folks at Jammie Dodgers have something that will be right up your street. Jammie Dodgers have teamed up with Tesco to give buyers of the biscuits the chance to win one of ten £1000 Tesco voucher prizes. In order to win the cash prize you need to buy packets of blueberry Jammie Dodgers and hope that inside your packet is a blue dodger. If you’re lucky enough to find the blue dodger then you need to call the number found on the winning ticket in the promotional pack of Blue Jammie Dodgers. You can start your search for the £1000 biccies from the 22nd June as according to the terms: Blue Biscuit Jammie Dodgers will be randomly inserted into promotional packs of Blue Jammie Dodgers and randomly distributed in Tesco stores between 22.06.22 and 12.07.22. Prizes must be claimed by 5pm on 12.10.22 (although how can anyone keep a packet of JDs in the cupboard for that long?).

The Chances Of Winning

The chances of finding a blue dodger in your packet is probably quite remote and this particular promotion reminded us of a recent competitions article featuring promotions management company PromoVeritas. They’re involved in this particular promotion too and part of their role is deciding which packets get the special biscuits. In the article Jeremy Stern describes himself as a “real life Willy Wonka” because he and his team get to place winning items in packaging. The important part of this article is about how they assign placements: “The way they distribute prizes depends on the value, how many they’re handing out and where the biggest number of consumers live. If there are 70 per cent of sales in Birmingham, we would ensure 70 per cent of the winners are there. If more consumers shop in supermarkets, they’re more likely to plant the prizes there than in a small corner shop”. On the plus side this particular promotion is only limited to Tesco so that rules out retailer as a factor, but locality obviously may still play a part. We wouldn’t be surprised to discover that Wales, for example, has only one blue biscuit amongst all the packets winging their way to shelves from tomorrow. You’re also more likely to find a winning packet in a larger Tesco than a smaller express style store. In other words the chances of winning this competition are pretty remote.

Blueberry Jammie Dodgers

The only reason we can think of that makes this particular competition worth looking at is that it involves Jammie Dodgers and we actually fancy trying them. Other than that it’s very unlikely we’d go out of our way to purchase a packet or even multiple packets because there’s the remotest chance of winning £1000 in Tesco vouchers. Whilst the idea of unveiling a Willy Wonka style Golden Ticket, albeit in the shape of a blue biscuit, the whole promotion just lacks any excitement or appeal. Why haven’t Jammie Dodgers made it a bit more involved and included a prize draw element for those who don’t find the blue dodger? Surely an extra £500 or £1000 in prizes wouldn’t be too much of a stretch? And since discovering Jeremy’s secret about placement of winning items it does feel as though the whole thing is slightly contrived. In theory the winners of the ten prizes could come from the same area – if there was a genuine element of randomness. The terms do state that “Blue Biscuit Jammie Dodgers will be fairly and randomly distributed amongst stocks of regular Blue Jammie Dodgers” but how do we know this is true now that we know other wise? So whilst the promotion is advertised as 10 x £1000 prizes, the reality could well be that for some areas it’s a 1 x £1000 chance of winning or none. Additionally there’s the possibility that someone doesn’t claim the prizes and therefore they don’t get awarded! Perhaps it’s time that information about distribution is made much clearer to would-be entrants and purchasers so as to paint a more clearer picture of these kind of Willy Wonka promos?


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