Hunt The White Cadbury Creme Eggs To Win Cash

Creme Egg Hunt

Hunt The White Cadbury Creme Eggs To Win Cash

Now that Christmas is over and we’re all heading back to work it means that Easter Eggs must be in the shops. Not wishing to miss a trick straight after the festive period are Cadbury! They’ve decided to repeat their white Creme Egg competition from last year. For the chance to win up to £10,000 all you have to do is find a white Creme Egg in amongst the millions of normal milk chocolate eggs that will be sold in stores between now and 5pm on the 21st May. This year’s competition is bigger than 2018. There are more stores participating and there will be 783 winning eggs as opposed to 371. Participating stores include Independent Retailers, Sainsbury’s, Tesco, Co-Op, Morrisons, Asda, One Stop and Marks and Spencer. Each retailer will have 1 x £10,000 egg! The remaining eggs are worth from £50 to £1000. Note that the distribution of prizes varies from retailer to retailer. All, apart from One Stop who will have six prizes, will have 111 possible prizes.

Distribution Of Prizes

Independents: 1 x £10,000, 1 x £1,000, 5 x £100 and 104 x £50 winning eggs
Sainsbury’s: 1 x £10,000, 4 x £1,000, 11 x £100 and 95 x £50 winning eggs
Tesco: 1 x £10,000, 4 x £1,000, 11 x £100 and 95 x £50 winning eggs
Co-Op: 1 x £10,000, 4 x £1,000, 11 x £100 and 95 x £50 winning eggs
Morrisons: 1 x £10,000, 4 x £1,000, 11 x £100 and 95 x £50 winning eggs
Asda: 1 x £10,000, 4 x £1,000, 11 x £100 and 95 x £50 winning eggs
One Stop: 1 x £10,000 and 5 x £100 winning eggs
Marks & Spencer: 1 x £10,000, 1 x £1,000, 1 x £100 and 108 x £50 winning eggs

Don’t rush out to your local store and expect that they’ll have winning white eggs available. Cadbury will only distribute 7 winning eggs to each retailer (except One Stop) per week of the promotion! Full terms and conditions can be found on the Cadbury website.

Hunt The Eggs In Ads

In addition to searching for real eggs, Cadbury’s are also running an Easter Egg Hunt like no other. They’re hiding their eggs in “other brands’ TV ads, social feeds, billboards, websites and who knows where else”. Your task is to find them, take a photo or screen shot of it and then upload it to the Hunt The White Creme Egg site. If the egg you find is found to be white – determined presumably by a random number generator – then you get the egg and a 1 in 1000 chance to win £10,000 in a prize draw. The white egg you receive won’t win one of the prizes above by the way! However, if your virtually found egg is a milk chocolate one then you win 1 of 30,000 Creme Egg vouchers.

When Does White Egg Hunting Season Start?

As we understand it, to win the prizes you need to be first to upload your image within a specific time frame. The terms also state that a photo of a participating ad may be used more than once to enter. This suggests to us that it’s worth collecting your screen shots for later on in the promotion when ads get repeated. It’ll be interesting to see how comping groups embrace this promotion, especially as first past the post wins. The Hunt The White Egg Hunting Season will start on 14th January 2019 and end on 21st April 2019.


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