I Never Win Anything! Make Sure You Enter Then!

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I Never Win Anything! Make Sure You Enter Then!

I never win anything is many a comper’s lament, and quite often that’s simply because luck isn’t with them that day/week/month/year/ever (delete as applicable to you). There’s not much you can do to change luck if you’re comping in the right way, but blimey guv’nor there are so many of you who make schoolboy and schoolgirl errors that’s it’s no wonder you never win a competition! If you’re going to give yourself half a chance of winning something then make sure that you’re not screwing up your chances before the winners are being pulled from the hat!

Enter Competitions!

Ok this is like teaching Granny to suck eggs, but there are so many competitions that don’t get many entries. We’ve been promoting our own competition on the blog, but whilst doing research we found this competition on The Mirror for £200 of Star Wars toys with less than 50 entries and this one at Girlie Gossip for a High School Musical mobile phone with just 35 entries. They’re both on Loquax, so either you’re not interested in the prizes or are being lazy with your entries. There are good chances to win decent prizes and you’re missing out!

Answer The Question Correctly

Another basic competition rule, but yes some of you still don’t read the question! If we ask you for a “spoof newspaper title” that means the answer doesn’t come from the “calendar” section. Don’t always rely on answers given by others either, a lot of sites are rotating questions as they become aware of answers being shared. So check the question and double check your answer before hitting “enter”!

Use A Valid Email Address AND Check It

We know many compers have a special comping email account to accommodate marketing messages, but make sure you check it – you might have winning emails in their too! Check your junk filters too – you never know where Hotmail and Gmail send things. At the moment 30% of the prizes we’ve given away over the last year or so have to be redrawn because people do not respond to their emails!
Watching people win prizes when you’re not having much luck can be frustrating, but make sure you’re doing the above properly. Do them and with a bit of Lady Luck you could be telling us all about your latest win!


Targeting Low Entry Competitions

“I’m not winning”, “I never win” and “I never have much luck” are all phrases you hear in comping circles. If there are