Is This The Worst Creative Competition Ever?

Creative Competition

Is This The Worst Creative Competition Ever?

Over the weekend we were asked if we would feature a competition to win a Sony 40in Television. However the competition was to “celebrate” the release of Human Centipede 3. If you’re not familiar with this franchise of film then it’s probably a good idea to remain unfamiliar. It’s a horror movie and that’s basically all we’re going to say. So how do you “celebrate” the release of the movie? A nice gentle giveaway? A like and share on Facebook? Oh no!

The World’s Longest Centipede

Someone somewhere has decided that creating the world’s longest human centipede using Instagram images will make for a nice competition. Now we initially said “no” to the feature request as we think this is pretty poor taste – but actually we’ve changed our mind because we’d love to know your views. To enter you need to create a photo – which has to be specific in terms of your body positioning – so that it can be uploaded and become another segment of the human centipede. So far 16 people have got themselves into position and are in the running to win themselves the TV. If you want to get involved (??) then you have until the 30th July.

It’s In Pretty Poor Taste!

It’s in pretty poor taste but then so is the movie subject and whilst it’s not my brand of vodka it fits with the film genre. Based on that then it may well appeal to those who like (?) the film franchise but for the main stream perhaps not? The competition has been running since June though so maybe I’m not alone in thinking this is a step too far competition wise. Mind you it is low entry and with comping get tougher and tougher there may well be some who fancy the prize enough to give it a go? Personally I don’t think I could sit watching my lovely shiny new TV knowing it was won from being part of a human centipede but that’s just me! The chatter on Twitter about the competition is minimal too but we think this tweet from Alex Watson sums it all up brilliantly.

If you want to enter this competition then it can be found at
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