It’s Not Magic For £168,600 Radio Winner

Magic FM

It’s Not Magic For £168,600 Radio Winner

London radio station, Magic FM has withdrawn a £168,600 prize after an investigation was conducted into the winner of their most recent Mystery Voices competition. To win the competition, callers have to identify the three celebrity voices – if they get all three correct they win the prize.

Serious Breach Of The Competition Rules

A statement on the Magic FM website reads: “On 30 March 2007 a listener correctly guessed the three mystery voices in the famous long running Magic competition. Given the large sum of money involved and in accordance with our terms and conditions, we required the winner to provide proof of identity and to undertake a voice recognition test to satisfy the company that the participant had complied with the rules of the competition. As a result of these exercises, Magic concluded that there was a serious breach of the competition rules, resulting in the judges’ final decision to disqualify the winner.”

The Mystery Voices Competition

Full marks must go to Magic FM, not only for their handling and honesty in the matter, but for ensuring fair play in their competitions! The Mystery Voices competition will return to the radio station in the autumn and the £168,600 prize will be rolled over – meaning a huge sum of cash for one lucky, and genuine, winner.


What Is Make Me A Winner?

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