It’s Time To Start Comping For Christmas

It’s Time To Start Comping For Christmas

We’re very sorry about this blog post but it has to be said! We know Halloween hasn’t even passed but now is the time to start thinking about Christmas! You’ve probably already seen piles of festive chocolate treats in the supermarkets, heard the odd Christmas jingle on the radio and no doubt the annual John Lewis advert is on it’s way.. but we’re not interested in that. What we’re interested in is comping for Christmas presents, treats and other fabulous goodies. Comping for Christmas is the perfect way to try to get a few extras under the tree or on your table. It’s not guaranteed but in the immortal words of Mr (or Mrs) Tesco – ‘every little helps’. Some compers comp for Christmas throughout the year, putting aside toys, gadgets and gifts that might be useful to take the place of Santa. However, if you’ve not started then now’s a good time to give it a go. Why is now a good time? Well here’s the thing… competitions you enter today may well close by the end of November – which gives the promoters ample time to get your prize out to you.

Win Christmas Prizes – Now!

Of course you can wait until the Advent rush and the usual “win a Christmas Hamper” giveaways (closes 1st January) to secure a few prizes, but get on board now and you may find you can take December just that little bit easier. But surely there’s nothing worth trying to win just yet? Well, at time of writing there’s a handful of sites listed in our Christmas Competitions category. The prizes include a Pukka tea advent calendar, Magic Santa Letters and a Christmas Eve Box. The latter is quite an interesting prize as it’s basically a personalised wooden box that you can fill with goodies to give a child on Christmas Eve to hopefully distract them before the fat bloke in red pops down the chimney.

Win Presents For The Kids

Don’t just stick to the Christmas themed listings though! Christmas is all about the kids and there’s always loads of toys to be won way before the start of December. These can be kept back for Christmas presents. So get those prizes hidden under the bed, put on top of the wardrobe or placed somewhere so good that you completely forget all about them until the New Year. We can’t guarantee you’ll find the top ten toys as predicted by John Lewis, Amazon, Argos etc. in the listings but we did find plenty of Lego Prizes included the much sought after Lego Advent Calendar. If you win one of them don’t open it, hold it back for a while and then put it on eBay! It’ll probably be a lot more valuable that way!

Win A Gin-vent Calendar

Another comping category that’s worth keeping an eye on at this time of year is the one with the Food & Drink Competitions. Christmas Hampers will probably start appearing as prizes in the coming weeks but we did spot an exciting prize being offered by Foodism. They’re giving away a Ginvent calendar – which is an advent calendar full of Gin Foundry drinks and it’s worth £120. Now this is one of those “odd timed” prizes. This comp actually ends on the 30th November – so it’s going to be a few days into advent before the winner gets their prize! Still, I’m sure they won’t mind catching up the missed days with their gin surprises behind the doors. Finally, another prize that’s well worth keeping an eye out for during October is the chance to win a trip to Lapland. Jackpotjoy ran such a giveaway back at the start of September, but at time of writing there’s a chance to win a day trip with Smyths. Be quick as this one closes on the 15th October.

Dream It & You Can Win It – Maybe

Of course there’s no guarantees that by starting your comping for Christmas project now will yield success. There will be hundreds and thousands of other compers entering too! Our advice is draw up a list of things you’d like to win – for example you might want a hamper, some chocolate and a few bottles of wine. Target those comps first before you get on and try for other prizes. You might even want to try putting together a “dream board” and visualise yourself with the prizes you’re targeting. Now I personally don’t actually go in for all that – but some folks do believe that this positive re-enforcement stuff actually works. I’ve had a picture of Kelly Brooks on my board for several years now and nothing! However you do have to be in it to win it, so as the night’s start to get shorter, settle down and start focusing on picking up some wins for Christmas – and hopefully it will be a joyful festive season for all. Why not let us know your comping tips for Christmas – and the prizes you’ll be targeting.


On The 3rd Day Of Advent…

The advent comping season is now well and truly underway and despite a challenging 2020 there’s a lot more competitions than we anticipated.