McDonalds Monopoly 2020 – Cancelled


McDonalds Monopoly 2020 – Cancelled

McDonald’s have announced that their annual Monopoly prize draw is now delayed and possibly cancelled for 2020. Sadly due to the coronavirus crisis the fast food chain will no longer be running the promotion. Paul Pomroy, McDonald’s CEO for UK and Ireland, explained “As we review the broader implications of the pandemic, we have taken the decision to delay this year’s Monopoly promotion until we can be confident that customers can win, claim and redeem the prizes available”. The 2020 McDonalds Monopoly competition was due to start on Wednesday 25th March. Surprisingly Wednesday is the traditional starting day for the promotion. If the promotion does return later in the year then you will be able to start collecting Monopoly labels when you purchase selected menu items. Some items will have double labels whilst others will have three. A full list of qualifying products will be announced nearer the starting date.

2020 Prizes

Like in a real game of Monopoly the aim of the game is to collect a full set in order to win prizes. For example Strand, Fleet Street and Trafalgar Square or all four stations. If you’d managed to get Park Lane and Mayfair in 2019 then you’d have won £100,000. The green set of Regent Street, Oxford Street and Bond Street would have got you a brand new car. Instant win prizes – which are usually food related – are also up for grabs. Last year McDonalds also had an online competition which had a winning moments. We expect that these options will be part and parcel of the 2020 competition. In terms of prizes we suspect that the prizes will be as good as, if not better, than 2019. Last year McDonalds had five Mini Cooper cars and 10 x £10,000 as the main instant win prizes.

Womble For Labels

Not everybody who purchases food at McDonald’s gets involved with this promotion. People will ignore the labels, throw away wrappers or peel them off and then abandon them on trays. This is good news for wombles! Wombling is when you pick up litter or tidy away a customer’s tray. At the same time you can help yourself to their left labels. Most wins in this competition will be free food or a discount. If you can’t use the free food labels for whatever reason then you could always pass them on to others who could make use of them. A lot of people will also discard the online competition labels. These are codes that you enter at the website to determine if you’re a winner. We anticipate that it’ll be another winning moments competition. This is when times have already been pre-selected by a computer. If an entry is made that matches the time of a winning moment then the entrant wins. If no one enters at the winning moment then the next entry – i.e. the one closest to it – will win. With winning moments we think that it’s best to try and enter at off-peak times to maximise your chances of winning.

We’ll update with more details of McDonald’s Monopoly 2020 as we get them.


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