McDonald’s Monopoly 2023 Is Back

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McDonald’s Monopoly 2023 Is Back

McDonald’s are bringing back their popular Monopoly promotion for another run. In a recent tweet on X or Twitter or whatever daft name Elon Musk wants to give it, McDonald’s that Monopoly will return on the 6th September. Get ready to catch the peels – as they say – and play for the chance to win up to £100,000. If you’ve not already downloaded the McDonald’s App then we suggest that you do so because it’ll be needed for the promo! The official McDonald’s Monopoly 2023 section on the website is already live and if you click through to there then there’s a QR code that you can then use to download the app.

How To Play McDonald’s Monopoly 2023

Full details about how to get involved with this year’s Monopoly promotion and what menu products will have labels are yet to be uploaded on the McDonald’s site. However we can’t imagine that they’re going to deviate too far from previous years. Every time that you purchase selected products from the store you’ll receive labels that can be peeled. These peels reveal Monopoly properties and the aim of the game is to collect a full set. For example if you collect the rarest locations of Mayfair and Park Lane (dark blue) then you’ll win £100,000 cash. Regent Street, Oxford Street and Bond Street as a set of greens will win you an Electric Car whilst a full set of yellows, namely Leicester Square, Coventry Street and Picadilly equals a £2000 Tui Holiday. Other prizes include a Gaming Laptop (red), £200 cash (if you get a pass Go), £500 of electricals (orange), experience days (hot pink) and wireless earbuds (light blue). The least rare peels will be the browns of Old Kent Road and White Chapel. Match these together to win a selected meal. To help you keep tabs on your portfolio and to highlight just how far away you are from winning £100,000 you need to scan your labels and record them via the app.

Instant Wins

Not every peel will be a Monopoly board location. Some of them will be an instant win prize! The top instant win prize that you can win in 2023 is 1 of 10 x £2000 TUI holidays. Other top prizes available include Earbuds, £1000 cash and a McDonald’s Gold Card that gives you a free meal every week for a whole year. There are other vouchers on offer in the instant win prize pot but the bulk of prizes comprise things like McDonald’s merch and of course food. There are 5000 x water bottles, 15000 x phone cases, 10000 x tshirts and literally millions of food freebies. For example there are 3,723,918 x Big Macs or McChicken Sandwich, 6,206,530 x Hash Browns or Cheesy Bacon Flatbreads, 9,309,795 x Apple Pies (be careful they can be hot) or Fruit Bags and 8,689,142 x Small Fries or Veg Bag. Annoyingly some instant win prizes are also discounts so for example you might “win” 15% off at Zavvi or 10% off at Useful if you can use the discount but we suspect most of those prizes never get used. Especially as you can probably find either cashback or discounts online for these brands.

Double The Peel On App

In previous years McDonald’s have had an online game. If your label revealed a code then you could head to the website to enter the code and see if you’d won a prize. Last year however McDonald’s introduced Digital Peels. The way this works is that everytime you bank a property on the app you’ll be able to peel an extra virtual sticker for free. This gives you an extra chance to add more properties and/or win prizes. Digital Peels is a winning moments mechanic so there are pre-allocated times when prizes are awarded. If you enter at or the closest to the winning moment then you’re a winner. The Digital Peel game offers the chance to win various cash prizes including 1204 x £100, 2408 x £50, 5979 x£20, 26324 x £10 and 83665 x £5. Additionally you could win a rare property label but don’t get too excited about this as according to the terms only one dark blue game piece can be won this way. The terms also suggest there’s only 4 dark blue game pieces in place so it makes you wonder if £100,000 will be won! Another digital peel prize is a Bank or Swap Peel. Get this and you can swap it for entry into a £100K prize draw or to receive a property that’s not a rare one.

Wombling For Labels

The thing with a lot of these kind of promotions is that a lot of people have little or no interest in them. Shrewd compers can therefore capitalise by collecting discarded labels and either uploading them to the app – if they’re properties – or using the instant win/discounts. The beauty of finding a discarded property label is that by adding it to the app you then get to reveal another label. So a free play from a free find! If you’re in a Macca Dee’s and spot some labels then don’t be shy in getting them but make sure that the person has left or has no interest in them first (and that they’ve finished their meal). Sadly littering is a huge problem with fast food places but if you don’t mind doing a bit of litter picking you might well find a few labels that way. Now if you’re very shrewd you could combine entering LitterLotto prize draws at the same time!

The Monopoly promotion at McDonald’s UK is scheduled to run between 6th September and 17th October 2023.


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