Meet The Bloggers: Dragons and Fairy Dust

Meet The Bloggers: Dragons and Fairy Dust

We go all mystical for the next Meet the Bloggers article here on Loquax. Dragons and Fairy Dust is the title of the blog started by Alison, who’s also an avid comper. She’s very kindly given us here answers to our Paxman style questionnaire.

Who Are You And What’s Your Blog?

My name is Alison and I am a mum of one son, aged 10. I work full time and am a mad crazy comper and blogger in my spare time, when time allows! My blog is Dragons and Fairy Dust, a whimsical name born of the fact that I collect dragons and firmly believe everyone needs a bit of fairydust in their lives.

What’s Your Blog About?

I would call my blog a general lifestyle blog as it does not really fit into any particular category. It is mainly a review blog and I tend to do reviews on lots of different products. These are generally food, beauty and technology products, anything that I find interesting. I do also talk about my life, comping and dayI offer my honest opinion on products so people can find out what they are like before using them.

How/Why Did You Get Into Blogging?

One of my friends, Zoe, has a blog and I used to see what she was writing about. This inspired me to give it a go and I caught the blogging bug. I love writing and trying new things and the more I wrote the more I enjoyed it.

What Kind Of Competitions/Prizes Do You Offer Readers?

I offer a variety of different things, usually products I have already tried and reviewed. Mostly it tends to be beauty products but but if it is something I think my readers will like I am happy to run a competition.

What Kind Of Response Do You Get?

I am a fairly new blog, I have only been around for a year so I get a varying number of responses. When I had a Vimto hamper competition I got around 200 entries but normally I get about 100. You definitely have more chance of winning entering blog competitions as not so many people enter them.

What Top Tip/Advice Do You Have For Other Bloggers/Wannabe Bloggers?

Look at other blogs and see what different styles are out there, this will help you choose your niche. Decide what you want to blog about, but don’t feel you have to stick to the same theme all the time. My blog is constantly evolving and changing. Get involved with other bloggers, on twitter or by commenting on other blogs. There are lots of people willing to help out there and its a very friendly community.

What Top Tip/Advice Do You Have For Compers?

Have fun and enjoy it. I took up comping for a hobby about three years ago and through it I have met a great crowd of online friends. We help each other out and have a good laugh whilst comping, the prizes are a bonus. If you don’t expect to win anything then all wins are a nice surprise. Entering as many competitions as you can helps, but I only enter for things I really want to win.

What’s Your Favourite Blog/Site?

My friend Zoe’s blog Splodz Blog, Celebrating Mums for wide range of interesting articles and Madhouse Family Reviews.

Strictly or X Factor?

Neither really as I am not a great reality show person but at a press X-Factor as I like to giggle at the bad ones!

We’d like to thank Alison for her indepth replies – there’s some great tips in there for people entering blog competitions and for writing your own blog. Keep up with Alison’s blog and latest competitions over at Dragons and Fairy Dust. If you’re a blogger, have competitions on your site, and would like to feature in our “Meet The Bloggers” series then do get in touch!


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