Meet The Bloggers:

Meet The Bloggers:

Following on from London Unattached in our meet the bloggers series is Emma from Emma has regularly submitted her blog competitions to Loquax and was happy to answer a few questions for us.

Who Are You And What’s Your Blog?

I’m Emma, a part time Head of Sociology and mum to three, hence my blog name

What’s Your Blog About?

I blog about parenting a tween, 7 year old and toddler and family life, Education because I am a teacher and more recently about hip dysplaisa as our littlest has just been diagnosed.

How/Why Did You Get Into Blogging?

I was on early maternity leave due to a few complications in my third pregnancy, through being bed bound I found loquax and had a bit of luck! I was chosen as a tester for Graco which led me to writing a blog. I loved writing and read lots of other blogs and thought I could do it too. I’m a English teacher by qualification and therefore do have a love of writing.

What Kind Of Competitions/Prizes Do You Offer Readers?

A wide variety I hope! My smallest has been a pack of scourers to many others including Wii games and toys. I currently have on offer a family ticket to the new Chelsea football club interactive museum. The prizes are mostly family products aimed at children.

What Kind Of Response Do You Get?

It has crept up at first less than 100 but now the blog has become more established approx 350 per comp, which I think is better odds than many commericial websites. Therefore more chance of winning.

What Top Tip/Advice Do You Have For Other Bloggers/Wannabe Bloggers?

Read plenty of blogs, then find your style, try to have a unique factor and a theme that you are happy to develop. Also think carefully about whether you want to include pictures of your kids (I do) but I protect by never using our surname or giving any details about school, location etc. Lots of bloggers use nicknames too.

What Top Tip/Advice Do You Have For Compers?

Make sure you read the question correctly, so often people exclude themselves. Also make worthwhile comments on the post. Those are the ones that stand out if it is more than using random generator to select winner.

What’s Your Favourite Blog/Site?

Obviously mine – but also Inside the Wendyhouse or RedTedArt for craft ideas.

Strictly or X Factor?

X Factor without a doubt.

We’d like to thank Emma for taking the time to answer our questions and you can keep up with her blog, and latest competitions, over on


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