Meet The Bloggers: Fuss Free Flavours

Meet The Bloggers: Fuss Free Flavours

In the third of our Meet The Bloggers articles we’re heading to Fuss Free Flavours. Over on this blog you’ll find regular foodie themed competitions, but who’s behind the blog? We caught up with Helen who gave us the following answers to our questions:

Who Are You And What’s Your Blog?

My name is Helen and my blogs are Fuss Free Flavours and Fuss Free Living

What’s Your Blog About?

Fuss Free Flavours is about food! Fuss Free Living is brand new and is about food, family and lifestyle

How/Why Did You Get Into Blogging?

Over 4 years ago. I get very upset about food poverty which is a real issue, so many people are eating the wrong foods rather than going hungry. Close to me is the most amazing market with plentiful supplies of fruit and vegetables and yet people pile into the cheap supermarket opposite it and buy poor quality frozen food.

What Kind Of Competitions/Prizes Do You Offer Readers?

Food related mainly – for example food, gadgets. books and event tickets.

What Kind Of Response Do You Get?

Fantastic! I am amazed at the response, and I love the comments and the sense of community when people wish other entrants good luck.

What Top Tip/Advice Do You Have For Other Bloggers/Wannabe Bloggers?

Start writing and stick at it.

What Top Tip/Advice Do You Have For Compers?

Read the instructions! If you need to answer a question to take part, then answer the question rather than make a random comment! I love getting thank you e-mails too. You cannot know just how much I appreciate them!

What’s Your Favourite Blog/Site?

Too many to mention. Mainly food and craft related.

Strictly or X Factor?

Umm, neither!

We’d like to thank Helen for answering our questions! You can keep up with her latest blogs, and giveaways, over on Fuss Free Flavours. Remember all our blog based competitions can be found in their own section in our Type of Competition Directory. Also if you have a blog, run competitions and would like to feature here then get in touch.


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