Mega Moments Could Win Mega Prizes

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Mega Moments Could Win Mega Prizes

Every now and then we spot a competition which is worthy of featuring on our blog post. Whilst tweeting a few comps we spotted that The National Lottery were looking for people to be a “mega prize mega tester”. To take part in this competition you need to tell them about your #MegaMoment.

How To Enter

The competition can be found at and to enter you need to upload a video that describes your #MegaMoment in less than 15 seconds. There are some useful tips on the site for creating your video plus you can get some inspiration by reviewing other entries. You have until 11pm on the 25th October to upload your video and there are some terms that are worth noting:

1. The video must feature you in person in a speaking role.
2. The video must not feature anyone under the age of 25.
3. The video must be appropriate for family viewing.
4. The video must not contain viruses or other malicious code.

Judged Entries Go To Public Vote

The downside of this competition is that voting is involved. Initially Camelot will select the 15 best videos. After that these videos will appear on the National Lottery Facebook page in 5 rounds of 3 and visitors can then vote for their favourite by commenting on the post. If a judging panel is capable of making a selection of 15 videos then we’re pretty sure they can narrow it down to 5 without a public vote. Let’s hope the best entries do win. The upside is the prizes. They are described as “a once in a lifetime opportunity to experience what it’s like to live like a multi-millionaire”. The winners will “travel to some of the most luxurious locations in the world” and then report back their experiences. As prizes go we think it’s pretty awesome and with so many comps these days offering token gestures as prizes it’s nice to see something in the money can’t buy category. If you give it a go then do let us know how you get on.

Disclaimer: Loquax has not been paid for this blog post. We occasionally pick a promotion and write about it, because we’re nice like that. Of course if you do want to see your promotion featured on our blog and pay us then we’re not adverse to the idea. Just get in touch.


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