Next Baby Boutique Model Competition Meltdown!

October 27th, 2010

Yesterday we reported that there the Next Baby Boutique Model Competition was well on course for voting competition misery due to endless “vote for me” messages being posted on the fashion store’s Facebook Wall.

Next Baby Competition

However, things have taken a turn for the worse! Whilst there are still a number of vote for me requests, the Next Facebook Wall is now littered with people wanting out of the competition process. It’s also got an incredibly nasty and we’re surprised that Next haven’t taken quicker action to protect themselves.

The reason for the competition withdrawal requests are numerous. These stem from concerns about the voting element right through to concerns about strange contacts about people’s children. Of course all are alleged issues, but the result is a total melt down of the discussion area.

Next must be wondering what to do next!

Their Next Baby Boutique Model Competition has already hit the headlines with the news that Danielle Lloyd had entered her son into the competition and was tweeting for votes.

Whilst some people think it’s unfair that a celebrity should enter a competition – Next must have been rubbing their hands at the publicity the competition has gained. However, the fallout on the wall due to the other issues surrounding the contest will surely give the wrong impression and result in alternative headlines for the company?

From a competition point of view we have to hope good things come from this. Firstly, let’s hope more promoters look at voting competitions and seriously consider if they’re worth the problems they cause brand! Secondly, when it comes to running baby competitions it’s paramount that there are rules and protection in place to appease those taking part.

If we’re honest running a “best baby voting competition” on Facebook isn’t the best idea! It’s not regulated and we’re not 100% sure Next can manage the way it’s set up properly.

The good news is that Next are trying to get things sorted. They’ve recently posted on their wall:

We anticipated this competition would be popular but the response has been phenomenal. We’ve drafted in more moderators and everyone is working flat-out to catch up. So please bear with us!

However, this competition is due to run until midday on 16th November. It’d be a surprise if Next get a smooth ride until the end of the contest and after the winner is announced. Such is the way of things with voting competitions!

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