Norris Cole The Coronation Street Competitions Addict

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Fans of Coronation Street will know that one of the characters, Norris Cole, has become something of a competition addict and in a recent episode (December 1st) he won a first prize. Norris was lucky enough to pick up a mobile phone but his phone left him disappointed. Apparently he wanted the second prize of a foot spa which was won by a possible future love interest Mary Taylor. However, it’s unlikely Corrie would ever feature an existing competition website in any of their episodes. Despite owning Friends Reunited they plugged the site Christmas Reunited in a different storyline. So don’t expect to see Norris logged into Loquax ! So far he does seem to be “old school” comping, but surely it can’t be long before his addiction gets him into online comping!

A Sweet Transvestite

Norris has already confessed his competition addiction to “friends” Emily and Rita (and isn’t it good that Corrie have chosen a male character as their comper). In the October 31st episode when confronted by Emily about being a possible transvestite because of a mystery bag of ladies underwear, Norris confessed that he “won them in a competition by writing about a dream date with Pearce Brosnan… as Noretta Cole”! His winning entry described eating “dozens of fresh oysters in a posh restaurant, spend the night flamenco dancing and then take a midnight hot air ride up the M60 orbital” (MSN).

Win A Loquax Mug

Of course Norris would have more chance of winning a few more prizes if he logged on to the internet and joined the thousands of other compers here on Loquax. On 1st December we logged one of our biggest ever traffic days, possibly due to the deluge of advent calendar competitions that launched and compers desperate to win a Loquax Mug… either that or Corrie fans had been inspired to start comping by Norris’ mobile phone win!