Quacky Races – Race The O2 Ducks To Win Prizes

Quacky Races – Race The O2 Ducks To Win Prizes

Duck related competitions always catch our eye! Well, actually anything duck related catches our eye – so when we saw a submission for Quacky Races, the online competition that features the O2 Ducks (you know the one’s who battle through the elements to deliver surprises) we just had to give it a bit of an extra plug. The idea of Quacky Races is for players to choose a rubber duck. There are five characters to choose from such as “Jenny from The Flock” and “Ducky Rotten”. Each duck has different characteristics and needs to get the right balance of love, food and sleep in order to race! Your job is to get your duck ready for racing.

Win A Round The World Trip

Your duck has 15,000 miles to travel and whoever completes the race in the fastest time will win. We sent our “Loquax” duck into battle and we think it’s going to be a few days for him to reach the finishing line. After initially getting a speed up of over 100 knots, by being over exuberant with the settings he’s now bobbing along at a much slower speed. We think you need to login regularly to maintain your duck – think tamagotchi! If you leave the duck neglected it’ll eventually limp home, but you won’t have much chance of winning the prize. Talking of winning, the prize on offer isn’t too shabby. The fastest duck gets a round the world trip plus £1000 spending money.

No Smaller Prizes

Disappointingly though there’s no prizes on offer for taking part – a prize draw for finishing ducks for some smaller prizes would have been nice! Worth noting is that the current leader has taken just over 5 days to reach the finishing line with an average speed of 124 knots… that’s what you’re aiming for. With that in mind, don’t wait until the last day to enter the competition. It closes on the 31st March so make sure you’re ready to go duck racing before the 26th March. Hopefully “Loquax” will be across the finishing line by then.