Raffall Helps Create Latest House Raffle Winner


Raffall Helps Create Latest House Raffle Winner

The first win a house competition that launched on the Raffall platform has reached it’s conclusion. Dale Tate put his four bedroom detached property plus a 2017 Volvo XC90 Hybrid up for raffle on the 20th June and it’s taken just four weeks to sell all 400,000 tickets that were available. The winner was announced via a Facebook Live drawing as Claire Reynolds from Wakefield. The Tates are now looking to enjoy a last tour of The UK before heading Down Under to start a new life in Australia.

£100 Wins A Home & Car

According to Yorkshire Live the new owners are a local family who spent £100 on tickets. In fact the winners live just 15 minutes away so they won’t have too far to go when moving to the new home. Two of the boys in the family have health issues so this move will no doubt help improve their and the family’s life. Some may raise eyebrows at the proximity of the winner to the property but the draw was done using Raffall’s platform and the promoter has zero influence on the result. The Yorkshire Live article, alongside our top ten tips, is well worth a read for anyone considering running their own win a house competition. It doesn’t explain how to do it but is does highlight some of the issues that promoters can face. They say that they “haven’t slept for a month” and were “hounded by people saying this is fraud”. Unfortunately this is something that won’t go away with respect to win a house competitions or indeed other raffles. It doesn’t matter how transparent a particular competition is there will always be doubters and that is due to those who have gone before.

Win A House Deadlines Extended

As this is now the sixth house competition to complete and the 4th this year maybe people will start seeing house raffles in a different light rather than a shady business. We wouldn’t be surprised to see the Raffall platform be used again for more home competitions. This might be a good thing and give raffles credibility. Most certainly from what we’ve seen over the years we’ve house raffles and the recent abundance of car raffles it’s an area of competitions that seriously needs some degree of regulation. Hoping to join the winner’s roster are two other competitions that were due to close on the 20th July. Coles Hall and Win Your Dream – both being managed by the people who successfully concluded the Shrubbery Farm raffle – have extended the closing dates of each by a month. According to posts on Facebook the promoters have spoken to the owners of the two properties as to whether they “should extend the competition by a few weeks” or offer “the cash prize of 80% ticket sales instead”.

Future Home Winners

Hopefully the extra few weeks will be enough to boost ticket sales so that both houses are awarded in August rather than an increased cash prize for either. That said the posts on the respective Facebook pages also say that Coles Hall has raised £50,000 for charity whilst it’s just £10,000 for Win Your Dream. This suggests to us that Coles Hall has had more ticket sales than Win Your Dream and is therefore the more likely to succeed. Before that though another house winner could be name. Raffle House should be concluding their second competition on the 31st July. To encourage last minute sales they’re currently offering double your paid tickets if you spend £30 or more. Whether this is a push to achieve the minimum ticket sales or an attempt to squeeze every ounce of income from the competition we don’t know. The draw for the conclusion of Raffle House 2 is due to take place on August 9th 2020.


CwellynDream Is Now Revvl

Way back in 2020 when win a house competitions really started to snowball, a renovated cottage located between the Llyn Peninsula and Snowdonia