Raffle House Aim To Make A Home Winner

Raffle House

Raffle House Aim To Make A Home Winner

The surge of win a house competitions has all but come to an abrupt halt in recent months. The excitement of new competitions has been replaced with disappointment, frustration and questions surrounding those that opt to “sell” their property via this method. However one win a home competition is hoping to buck the trend and actually deliver some positive news – and an actual house winner.

Win A Flat In Brixton

Raffle House are giving their entrants the chance to win a one bedroom first floor flat in Brixton. It’s independently valued at £650,000 and could be yours for just £5 a ticket. Launched just over 12 months ago, the competition’s closing date has been extended until June 30th 2019. The promoters of this competition don’t expect to extend the closing date. In fact they’re upbeat that they will fulfill their requirements so as to create a property prize winner.

They’ve even taken additional steps to get the competition “over the line”. When the competition first launched Raffle House required 150,000 tickets to be sold. They’ve now reduced this down to 120,000. According to their latest blog post they claim that they are 20,000 entries away from hitting the target. If this is the case then we anticipate ticket sales should increase as people believe that a £650,000 property is within their grasp – and actually will be awarded. An actual house winner could mean renewed interest in home competitions. It’s safe to say that apart from Dunstan Low’s raffle, win a home competitions have not exactly been a picture of success. There have been ASA reports, police reports, accusations, closing date extensions, suspicions and plenty of negative social media activity.

Will There Be A Home Winner?

In fairness much of this backlash towards property owners raffling their homes has been unsurprising. Poor competition management, communication and lack of transparency has created a difficult playing field for would be promoters. Furthermore when promoters face no recourse – other than a few Facebook mentions and a tap on the wrists from ASA – for poorly run competitions then it’s no wonder many entrants eye these competitions with suspicion. Hopefully sometime in July (or even beforehand) we will be reporting on a property winner. It’ll also be interesting to see which direction Raffle House choose to go once they’ve completed their competition. Similar such as Win Abode and Your Laddr closed their doors rather than run another raffle.

Thank you to James from Raffle House for updating us regarding the competition. Loquax has not been paid for this article. Potential entrants should do their own due diligence before paying for a ticket.