So How Many Toilet Rolls Make Up A Lifetime’s Supply Prize?

So How Many Toilet Rolls Make Up A Lifetime’s Supply Prize?

We’ve all seen competitions where you can win a year’s supply of a particular product. In the past, when we used to enter loads more competitions, we’ve won a year of tea (which turned out to be 300 teabags) and a year of beer (365 cans). However, a consumer’s view of what constitutes a “year of” can often be a lot different to that of the prize giver. In general “average household use” is used to determine the number of products in a year’s supply. So if you’re a 10 cups of tea a day person you may well be disappointed with 300 teabags to last you all year. On the other hand those who drink tea once a week will think they’ve got a good deal.

Win Who Gives A Crap Toilet Paper

However, the competition we saw this morning did make us wonder “so how many will that be? The competition is on Twitter and it’s being run by Fluffio. They describe themselves as “a new brand of eco-friendly toilet paper & we aim to donate 50% of our profits to help fund global sanitation projects”. In their giveaway you have the chance to win “a Lifetime’s supply of Who Gives A Crap toilet paper”!

Toilet Paper Statistics

Now unfortunately we can’t see any terms and conditions for the giveaway but we can tell you that it’s open worldwide. We would love to know the number for a “lifetime’s supply” is determined and more importantly how they’ll be delivered. Then there’s the logistics for the winner as it could be a lot of toilet rolls to store! We thought we’d do some digging and according to Toilet Paper Statistics (yes there is such a thing): “the number of days a standard roll of bath tissue usually lasts in the most-used bathrooms in the house is five”. We should note that the data is according to Charmin, who conducted a survey of toilet roll users, and it probably doesn’t account for the fact that toilet rolls are allegedly shrinking in size (The Metro).

We Do Some Sums

Now an average of 1 toilet roll per household every five days seems a tad conservative, but let’s go with it! One roll used per every five days equates to 73 rolls a year. As the average life expectancy in the UK is around 81 we just need a start time – so we’re going to randomly assume the winner’s age is 35. So our “35 year old winner” will need 46 years of toilet rolls! At 73 rolls per year – that is 3358 toilet rolls or just under 373 packs of 9 (which would cost around £1865) for one lifetime. Now I don’t know about you guys but we struggle to keep a dozen or so rolls in the cupboard – so where the heck would you store over 3000 of them!! And more importantly, would 3358 rolls actually be enough?? What if you ran out? Would the promoter re-stock?

Check The Terms – If They Exist

On a more serious note, it does help if promoters do have terms and conditions when it comes to giveaways. That way when a “lifetime’s supply” is dished out all entrants will know how many can be won and how the calculations are determined. The same applies for all other win a week/month/year of whatever product. For more details about the competition then head to Fluffio on Twitter.


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