Surprize Fries Coming Soon To McDonald’s

Surprize Fries UK

Surprize Fries Coming Soon To McDonald’s

If you’re a regular visitor to McDonald’s then there’s a new chance to win with the popular fast food chain starting on 29th May 2024. Surprize Fries is the name of the promotion and it’s along the lines of the Winning Sips campaign. In that promotion you removed stickers from medium or large promotional drinks whilst for Surprize Fries the featured product is unsurprisingly fries. Details about Surprize Fries on the McDonald’s UK website is currently quite limited but we do know that it’ll start on the 29th May 2024 and run until the 2nd July 2024. There will be two elements to the promotion – an instant win element and an app game. As you’d expect from a McDonald’s giveaway there’s a lot of food related prizes on offer but there are other goodies up for grabs. These include McDonald’s merchandise and cash prizes up to a maximum of £200. There are also a whole bunch of MyMcDonald’s Rewards Points to be won which if you’re playing on the app you’ll no doubt have a good chance of winning. Now Surprize Fries is running in The UK for the first time, but it’s not the first time McDonald’s have ran this particular offer. In fact they ran it in New Zealand and Australia during March and April.

How To Play Surprize Fries

It’s safe to assume that The UK version of Surprize Fries will run in pretty much the same way as earlier promos Down Under or as Winning Sips. This means purchase any medium or large fries and peel the sticker on the container to reveal an Instant Win prize or App play game piece. If it’s an Instant Win prize then you’ll have the chance to win 108 x £100, 537 x £50, 6959 x £20, 76165 x £10 or 242841 x £5. Or you might win a food item such as a Hash Brown, Sausage & Egg McMuffin®, Porridge, Cheeseburger, Fruit Bag, Sugar Donut, McFlurry, Apple Pie, McPlant Burger or Hot Drink. Note that these numbers and items may be subject to change. By downloading the McDonald’s App you can also join in the promotion by playing a game through the app. Campaign Brief New Zealand shows screenshots of the expected game where it seems you need to hold down a button until the fries explode to reveal whether you’ve won or not. Details of this will become clearer once the promotion gets underway but there are cash prizes up to £200 to be won. The preliminary prize table suggests that they’ll be 656 x £200, 1278 x £100, 2591 x £50, 6458 x £20, 12919 x £10 and 25838 x £5 prizes. Further App Game prizes include McDonald’s socks, pool float, bucket hat and See Tickets vouchers. The Winning Sips prize draw also had a Grand Prize Draw element. According to the terms for that “customers who peel to play will automatically be entered into a prize draw a prize draw for the opportunity to receive one of ten cash prizes of a whopping £10,000”. However this doesn’t seem to be – at least at time of writing part of the Surprize Fries promo.

Fry Your Luck!

If you’re a fan of McDonald’s then this promotion is well worth getting involved with simply because you could win a few free food items via the app game. Regular visitors to the fast food chain might also want to keep an eye out for those customers who ignore the stickers and/or can’t be bothered with anything other than an instant win. You might also spot a few stickers attached to litter scattered to the win – as sadly some people just can’t use a bin – but if you pick it up then it might be a winning sticker. Combine your litter picking with the Litterlotto app and you’re stacking up your competition efforts. Talking of apps, it’s well worth downloading these for any establishment that you regularly visit. Not only can you get rewards but many run prize draws. Currently there are prize promotions running with Caffe Nero, Costa Coffee and Burger King. You do need to purchase to enter these and they will most likely attract a lot of entries but you do need to try your luck – or fry your luck as in the case of McDonald’s. And whilst these particular prize draws aren’t online or free we do actually list them on Loquax as well so that firstly you know about them, secondly you can track them and thirdly you’re free to discuss them too. And we’re free too so ideal if you’re not keen on paying subscriptions.

Surprize Fries Down Under

Whilst we wait for McDonald’s UK to launch Surprize Fries here’s a video from a customer Down Under. It features 2 Aussie who seems to spend his time visiting restaurants in Australia and reviewing the items on the menu. He currently has 33.3K subscribers!

We’ll update this article once we know more details.


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