The Best Jubilee Competitions

The Best Jubilee Competitions

The Queen is celebrating her Platinum Jubilee this June to mark 70 years on the throne. Celebrations will take place around the country, especially across the Platinum Jubilee Central Weekend which is set for the 2nd to 5th June 2022. Now we’ve not taken much notice of the Jubilee build up and in fact the only thing we’d noted was that if you take three days holiday on the 30th May, 31st May and 1st June then you end up with a nice long break running from the 28th May until 5th June. Let’s hope the weather is nice because we think that whole period is going to be like the week between Christmas and New Year when there’s little or nothing happening comping wise. And talking of competitions you may have started to note that there are a few Jubilee themed giveaways already appearing on the lists.

Find Jubilee Competitions

To help you find Jubilee competitions we’ve created a special section imaginatively called Jubilee Competitions. Don’t mock it took us weeks of brain storming and board meetings to come up with that. Actually it didn’t! User Jetpuss asked for it at 2.15pm on the 5th May and in less than 20 minutes it was created (forum post). We love it when users make suggestions for the site and if we think the suggestion is worthwhile – and we can do it – then we’re happy to oblige. Anyway this list gives you all the various street party goodies, royal souvenir and food hamper prizes that are Jubilee related. Note that this only brings up competitions and prize draws which have ‘Jubilee’ in the title. If you want to check for more – for example if there’s some extra details in the original post – then we advise using the search box. At time of writing we spotted a couple of localised competitions that reference the celebrations but for the most part the Jubilee comps are in the new list.

Win A Jubilee Street Party

One of the prize draws that stands out for us is one recently launched by Spar. They’re giving you the chance to “win a Street Party for you and your neighbours”. There are 12 main prizes up for grabs including Spar brand food (for 30 people), Spar brand drinks (for 30 people) and Jubilee memorabilia. In addition there are 45 x Spar brand Jubilee sweet boxes full of delicious treats for runners-up. Note that the prizes are split into regions so they’ll be 2 main winners in Scotland, 2 from SW England, 3 from Northern England and 5 from Wales, Midlands, South-East and London. The runners-up prizes are split in a similar ratio. To enter all you have to do is send in your details and explain who would you invite to your dream Jubilee party? Now don’t get too bogged down with the coming up with a fun answer to the question because the draw is random. The draw closes on the 19th May. Do check out the terms and conditions carefully though because if you win you’re going to have to have a party. The terms for example state that “all winners must post pictures of their street party on social media with the #SPARStreetParty”.

Win The Ultimate Jubilee Party Pack

The above clause is actually a good example of why it’s important to read the terms of every prize draw you enter. Yes we know it’s tedious but it can save a lot of bother further down the line. Posting pictures on social media, collecting from a location or flights not included are some of the details which compers quite often overlook when rapidly filling in forms. The good news is that as far as we know there aren’t similar terms and conditions attached to the Jubilee themed giveaway currently being run by Joules on Instagram. They’re giving entrants the chance to win “the ultimate jubilee party pack” which consists of ​a £500 Joules voucher, a £250 Garden Trading voucher, a Belvoir Jubilee hamper, a party decoration bundle from Little Lulubel and a selection of Joules glassware, perfect for dining alfresco. To enter all you need to do is follow their Insta account, leave a comment and tag a friend. The chances of winning aren’t great because at time of writing there’s been nearly 7700 comments added to the post. However you’ve got to be in it to win it and at least you haven’t got to tag 2million friends, follow a zillion other accounts and run naked through the Streets of London to qualify.

Win Tickets To The Platinum Jubilee Celebration Concert

On 4th June there will be a special Celebration Concert at The Royal Festival Hall to celebrate The Queen’s Platinum Jubilee. The Royal Philharmonic Orchestra will be joined by The Royal Choral Society and The Bach Choir plus various soloists for a show to remember. It starts at 2.30pm in the afternoon and runs for about 2 hours. Surprisingly it’s not sold out and in fact it looks like there’s quite a lot of spare seats. Now there are a couple of prize draws where you can win tickets – Delia Online (be quick as this closes the 7th May) and Radio Times (closes 18th May). Now you might not fancy the tickets but both these giveaways also include an overnight stay in London. Why is this good? Well if you’re a big fan of the royals and want to get involved with all the excitement then where better to be than in London. You can find out what’s on via the offical Platinum Jubilee website, which is also useful if you’re wanting to seek out events closer to home.

More Competitions To Come?

As we get closer to the Jubilee weekend we expect that more promoters will run some kind of Jubilee themed giveaways. A bit like Freebie Friday or Win It Wednesday but over a few more days. Our advice is therefore to keep an eye out on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook – perhaps even TikTok if you’ve ventured that far – for some royal themed prizes. If you’re hosting or attending a street party then get some pictures because there’s bound to be creative style comps or share what’s happening in your area type prize draws. Another thing to consider is taking pictures of any Jubilee themed grub that you might make (e.g. a union jack style cake) as quite often these are requested for photo comps. Whatever happens make sure you keep an eye on our Jubilee Competitions section over the next few weeks to see what turns up.


Targeting Low Entry Competitions

“I’m not winning”, “I never win” and “I never have much luck” are all phrases you hear in comping circles. If there are