The Golden Jigsaw Gets Underway!

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The Golden Jigsaw Gets Underway!

A brand new competition, from Infinite Ideation Limited, kicks off on July 20th and it could mean that one lucky person ends up one million dollars better off. The Golden Jigsaw is a 1000 piece jigsaw puzzle, but the pieces of the puzzle are scattered all over the internet. Your task is to locate the pieces by solving clues – solve the clues and complete the puzzle before anyone else and you’ll win the prize. The game starts on July 20th and is expected to run for at least six months!

Register & Download Your Playing Board

To take part in The Golden Jigsaw you need to register and download your own personal playing board. Solve the clues to lead you to the pieces! When you find a piece of the jigsaw you simply drag it into your playing board. We advise all participants to familiarise themselves with the rules as there are some important things to remember. For example “If any player makes public in any way the fact that they have finished the Golden Jigsaw during the period between the last clue being released and the winner being announced, they will immediately be disqualified”.

50% Of All Monies Received

The Golden Jigsaw is dependent on advertisers purchasing pieces of the puzzle in order to take part, so there is a chance that the game may not reach the full 1000 pieces. If this happens, according to the rules, “the prize value will be 50% of all monies received by Infinite Ideation Limited in respect of the Golden Jigsaw project”.


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