The Mirror Investigate The Winners Club

July 9th, 2007

Have you received anything from The Winners Club? If yes and you’ve been tempted to take up their offer of “your prize” then a quick read of a recent ‘Investigates’ article from The Mirror is in order. The article explains how The Mirror decided to take up the offer of the prize via the postal option as opposed to a premium rate phone line. They were then asked to pay £6.50 for their prize allocation, which was a 100,000 pixel camera.

The Mirror put the prize in perspective by comparing it to a basic Nikon Coolpix camera that has six million pixels. We decided to go one better and try and find a 100,000 pixel camera and find out how much it was worth. A quick search and we found various 100k pixel cameras on eBay ranging in price from £3 to an optimistic £14.99!

The Mirror are not the first paper to report on The Winners Club, who are based in Banbury, Oxfordshire! Back in 2006 The Guardian mentions them in a similar article. Their advice is quite simple: “bin this” and we fully agree.

Remember if you have to pay to receive a prize – it’s not really a prize! Don’t be tempted to phone up premium rate phone lines on the basis that a leaflet in your newspaper has said you might have won a prize or if you’ve received a letter saying you might have won £10000! Follow The Guardian’s advice and put it in the bin or recycling bag!

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