Unclaimed Prize Register – Why Do You Get Their Mail?

September 22nd, 2007

One of the drawbacks to comping is that there is always someone out there ready to try and cash in on people’s vulnerability and desire to win. One such company is the Unclaimed Prize Register and their activities are described in an article published today in The Guardian. Eagle eyed blog readers will notice that there’s a remarkable similarity between the Unclaimed Prize Register and The Winners Club – and that’s because they’re owned by the same company!

In brief, you receive a mailshot saying you’ve won a prize and are then encouraged to phone a premium rate phone number to find out which prize you’ve been “lucky” to receive. In both the The Winners Club and Unclaimed Prize Register reports the winner walked away with a cheap camera, which no doubt costs much less than the prize of the premium rate call.

According to The Guardian report, DM PLC, the parent company behind these “promotions” say that you receive these mailshots if you “have previously played one of their competitions”. The report continues to say that if you don’t believe you’ve entered a competition previously via DM PLC, then DM PLC will be pleased to provide details of previous entries on request!

So there’s a challenge for you disgruntled compers out there! If you’ve received a mailshot from The Winners Club or Unclaimed Prize Register we suggest you write to the chairman of DM PLC and ask him why you’re receiving information from them.

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