Be A Tortoise Not A Hare When Entering Competitions

January 24th, 2012

Most of you will know the fable about the hare and the tortoise. Whilst the hare sped off and expected to win, it was the slow but sure tortoise who won the day. It’s time to apply that to your comping. We’ve seen, especially via Facebook, that people are more hares than tortoises. The result is that those people don’t enter the competitions properly and the tortoises nip in to take the prizes.

Slow Down

On our Loquax Facebook Page we regularly post up competitions that we’ve spotted and have decided to share. Despite there being text on the page explaining how to enter (whether we’ve added it or it’s in the brand’s blurb) time and time again people end up not following the instructions.

It’s something we’ve also seen with our own competitions too.

The breakneck speed that we live our lives, the accessibility of answers on a plate, tweeting this and Facebooking that, means that a lot of compers are just wasting their time with their competition entries. If you don’t follow the instructions given by the promoter or you enter a wrong answer then you’re not going to win!

So it’s time to slow it down a little. If your comping is done at high speed then you might be making more than a few errors along the way. Of course there will be some compers who are the Usain Bolt’s of the comping world. But for most compers surely it’s far better to enter 10 competitions right, than enter 20 wrong?

Here’s a few tips to help you.

1. Always read the information in front of you on the promoter’s page.
2. Don’t always rely on answers given, do your own checks.
3. Don’t just copy what someone else has done – especially on Facebook.
4. If there are comments on a Facebook Wall post – read them, they may help.
5. Make sure you’re commenting in the right place!
6. On Twitter, make sure you retweet the brand’s original tweet!
7. Make sure you’ve entered the correct email address.
8. Double check your entry before clicking submit.

We even created a little poster for people who regularly enter competitions on Facebook too.

A few seconds of extra effort can make the difference between entering a competition properly and not having any chance of winning.

Jane over at Competition Grapevine has also blogged along a similar theme – “Follow Instructions or You Won’t Win”.

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