TweetUrReceipt – A New Way Of Comping?

TweetUrReceipt – A New Way Of Comping?

Once upon a time competitions used to involve purchasing an item, writing a slogan/tiebreaker and sometimes sending off a receipt as proof of purchase. Then, along came the internet and that kind of scuppered that way of comping. That’s not good news for brands who perhaps want sales as well as brand awareness when they invest in competitions. Popping up in it’s place is the make a purchase and enter a promo code/bar code promotions – and there’s plenty of them. In the past we’ve seen codes shared and all sorts of fun and games in between. It does seem to be a more robust mechanic these days though. However, a new idea that brings together buying an item, competitions and receipts has emerged. It’s called TweetUrReceipt!

What Is TweetUrReceipt?

The idea is quite simple. You check the TweetUrReceipt website for the latest promotions, purchase the required item, take a photo of your receipt showing you’ve bought the item, and then tweet the photo. This gets you entry into the prize draw.Peppadew are the first to try out this new competition mechanic and they have 3 x £500 Shopping vouchers, 4 x £125 Shopping vouchers and 10 x Cases of Peppadew on offer as prizes. All you have to do to enter is: 1. Buy a jar of Peppadew; 2. Take a picture of the receipt; 3. Tweet the picture to @TweetUrReceipt; 4. Wait to find out if you’re a winner! You can enter as many times as you like (one entry per receipt though) and you have until the end of November 2012 to take part.

Low Entry Competitions

Although a lot of compers will ignore this because it’s not free, others will consider it to be a good opportunity as it may well be low entry (at least in comparison to a free draw – and especially one that’s not even thought about the scourge that is automated entries). We presume that TweetUrReceipt database all entries as they’re tweeted to them so if you’ve picked up a jar of Peppadew recently why not give it a whirl? Currently there’s only one promotion – although hopefully more will follow. What do you think? Does this kind of competition/prize draw appeal to you? Would you like to see more purchase required competitions? Would you like to see a tiebreaker attached to these kind of things too? Are there too many free prize draws and Facebook promos?


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