Competitions Suspended as Clash Media Exits UK

Blog Post Competitions Suspended as Clash Media Exits UK

It’s been confirmed today that Clash Media, a lead generation company, has closed it’s UK business (NMA), but how does this effect competitions and compers? Well, Clash Media were the company behind many prize draws under the domain name These competitions are now all currently suspended. competitions took the form of sign up to enter and then click lots of offer boxes. They usually always had long closing dates but the prizes tended to be attractive. For example in recently released draws you could win a Blackberry Pearl, iPhone 4, Paul McCartney Tickets, Boots vouchers, ASOS Vouchers and much much more.

Reorganising It’s UK Operation

Currently, all prize draw links go to holding page saying “Clash Media is reorganizing its UK operation and all of our UK prize draws are currently suspended”. However, with the news of Clash Media’s UK exit, we’d be very surprised to see the competitions live again. The loss of these competitions does raise a worthwhile point to consider if you enter them. Many of these kind of prize draws opt for long closing dates. For example let’s say you could win an iPhone 4 but the closing date is August 2011. If you enter today it’ll mean that the company has your data to sell (as you usually consent to this by entering) for 12 months whilst you wait to see if you’ve won and also if the company still exists.

Marketing Offer Prize Draws

Our advice would be seriously think before entering these kind of marketing offer prize draws. If you’re going to then perhaps it might be prudent to consider waiting until nearer the closing date? Note that, Loquax has not listed Clash Media or their equivalent on the site for a few years now. However they did form one of our first road tests back in 2007.


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